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LeakLessHauler.png|The [[Leak Less Hauler]].
LeakLessHauler.png|The [[Leak Less Hauler]].
Brian Spark Hauler.jpg|The [[Leak Less Hauler (Cars 3)]].
Brian Spark Hauler.jpg|The [[Leak Less Hauler (Cars 3)]].
PresentLeakLessLogo.png|current logo

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Leak Less
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To prevent adult cars from leaking

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Cars 3

Leak Less is a drip pans mark for adults of an older age. Its use is to prevent older cars from leaking oil. The company sponsors the Piston Cup racing team of the same name. The race cars Claude Scruggs, Brian Spark and an unnamed next-generation racer bear the logo during Piston Cup races.


Names in other launguages

  • Polish: Szczelny System or Turbodziadek
  • Turkish: Leakless


  • Adult drip pans are the car-ified version of adult diapers.
  • Bottles of Leak Less were seen in WALL•E.
  • In the Florida 500, the Next-gen racer was badly damaged and did not finish the race in its debut, giving her the least amount of racing time in the movie.
  • Brian Spark is one of 10 veterans still standing at the Los Angeles 500.
  • Unlike Jackson Storm and the other next gens, this next gen doesn't have the 3 contingency sponsors on their doors (SynerG, Combustr and Carbon Cyber).
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