Legends Races is a game in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


  • To see when you need to change gears, look at the meter at the top of the screen.
  • Then, click the mouse button to go into the next gear.
  • To be a real champ, unlock each legends race secret.


There are 10 Legends Races in the game. Each one is unlocked when you win the previous one. To unlock each one's legends race secret, you have to win its mini-game. Winning the race will unlock a new paint job. If you beat your fastest time, you will unlock a new photo background.


  1. Chick Hicks
  2. Doc Hudson
  3. Sheriff
  4. Ramone
  5. Sarge
  6. Mater
  7. Luigi
  8. Flo
  9. Lizzie
  10. Tractor


  • For each character, the reading announcer will say the character's name, except for Tractor. For the Tractor, he will say, "Uh, oh! This one must've gone lose from Frank's field!"
  • Sheriff's legends race would seem to be the legends race for Speed Trap, but it's the race for Drive-In And Out. Chick Hicks' legends race is the legends race for Speed Trap.
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