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Lightning Speed is an online Cars racing game.


Upon starting the game, the player must participate in a tutorial race with Lightning McQueen. Players may steer their vehicle with the left and right arrow keys. Collecting tokens will fill up the player's boost meter, which can be used by pressing the "enter" key. Hitting obstacles will decrease the boost meter, in addition to slowing down the vehicle.

The player's vehicle can be customized with paint jobs, decals, tires, and body modifications, which can be purchased in the garage with coins, which are awarded for winning races. Stars are also provided for placing in races; gold stars are received by placing first, silver stars are received by placing second, and bronze stars are received by placing third.






  • Five racing cars resemble Max Schnell, Todd Marcus, Miguel Camino, Raoul ÇaRoule and Komodo.
  • At the start of Brazil races, Carla Veloso's name is misspelled as "Carla Velosa".
  • The song Die Young is used as an instrumental in-game, so the lyric version is unused.

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