The London Grand Prix (officially known as the Last race of the World Grand Prix) was the third and last race in the World Grand Prix, which took in 2011 at the London Street Circuit in London, United Kingdom.

Starting grid

Position Number Name
1 95 Flag of the United States.svg.png Lightning McQueen
2 1 Flag of Italy.svg.png Francesco Bernoulli
3 5 Flag of Spain.svg.png Miguel Camino
4 2 UK-Grenada Flag.svg Lewis Hamilton
5 4 Flag of Germany svg.png Max Schnell
6 24 Flag of the United States.svg.png Jeff Gorvette
7 9 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Nigel Gearsley
8 8 Flag of Brazil.png Carla Veloso
9 7 800px-Flag of Japan.svg.png Shu Todoroki
10 06 Francja.png Raoul ÇaRoule
11 10 New Rearendia Flag.svg Rip Clutchgoneski


Race report

The race was suspended due to Mater entering the track and bringing Lightning McQueen with him off the track.


  • The garage structures reassemble the structures used at Silverstone Circuit.


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