Luigi's Fantastico Fun! is an activity in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


(Lightning McQueen drives to Luigi's Casa Della Tires. After arriving, Guido drives towards him.)
Luigi: "There you are!"
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah. Hey, Luigi."
Luigi: "I have been looking everywhere for you! The store opens in a very short time and we still have to organize the new tires before the customers get here."
Guido: "Okay!"
Lightning McQueen: "Can he really get all those tires stacked that fast?"
Luigi: "Oh, well... If anyone can, it's Guido."
(They drive around to the side of the building.)
Luigi: "Guido. The customers! They are coming!"
Guido: "Si! Si! Faccio subito!" (Yes! Yes! I do now!)
Lightning McQueen: "This I gotta see."


  • Move Guido back and forth to catch the tires.
  • Press and hold the mouse button to turn Guido from side to side. Remember, don't catch anything that isn't a tire!
  • And watch out! If you let go of the mouse button too soon, Guido will drop the tire.

Legends Races

When a player wins this event, they unlock the Legends Races secret for Luigi.


  • The music that plays in this event has the same melody as "Terror-Antella".

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