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Luigi to the Rescue is an event and the third minigame in Cars: The Video Game.


The objective of the game is to collect the given number of tires, and return them to Luigi's shop, before time runs out. There is a map that will give the player the location of the tires, and will help the player find them. The first few levels are fairly easy, but the next levels get harder and harder. All the tires and hubcaps are marked with yellow dots, while Luigi's Casa Della Tires gets marked by a green dot when the player finds all the tires and hubcaps.


Level Tires Award Time
Level 1 6 tires 1 trophy 2:30
Level 2 7 tires 1 trophy 2:30
Level 3 8 tires 2 trophies 3:00
Level 4 10 tires 2 trophies 3:30
Level 5 9 tires 3 trophies 3:00
Level 6 12 tires 3 trophies 5:00
Level 7 11 tires 4 trophies 5:30
Level 8 12 tires 4 trophies 5:00
Total: 69 tires 20 trophies 30:00


  • This is the only event in Cars: The Video Game in which Luigi is a playable character, as well as the only one where Lightning McQueen is seen driving around Radiator Springs.
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