Match Up
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Match Up is an event in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


(Chick Hicks and one of his friends drove to Lightning McQueen and Sarge.)
Chick Hicks: "Enough's enough, Lightning."
El Machismo: "I'm gonna shake your shocks, bend your rims! I'm gonna. . ."
Sarge: "Easy there, soldier. You're excited, we get it."
(Chick Hicks drove away.)
El Machismo: "I am El Machismo. Bigger than big! Badder than bad! It's time I showed you what me time is all about!"
Lightning McQueen: "Me time? That doesn't even make sense."

Event Information

In this race, you're racing 3 laps around Autovia as Lightning McQueen. On the PlayStation 2, your opponents are El Machismo and 2 VINs. On the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, your opponents are El Machismo, Sarge, and 5 VINs. On the Wii, your opponents are El Machismo, Doc Hudson, and 5 VINs. The goal is to place in the top 3 and ahead of El Machismo.


(After losing the race, El Machismo drives to Chick Hicks)
El Machismo: "It was supposed to be me time! Bigger than big! Badder than bad!" (looks at Chick) "YOU! It's you and Motor Co.'s fault! I need more RPMs, bigger tires, bigger shocks, bigger fenders, BIGGER EVERYTHING TO CRUSH YOU ALL!!!" (drives away.)
Chick Hicks: "Man, even I'm not that much of a sore loser."
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