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Mater's Backwards Lesson is an event in Cars: The Video Game.

Event Information

There are 2 laps, but it not a race. You must follow Mater through the roads of Radiator Springs, while flipping around when the "Flip Around!" message comes up on the screen. While it is possible to pass Mater, it is not a good idea because you will not know where to go. If you complete the lesson, you will recieve 5 trophies, as well as unlock Sheriff's Hot Pursuit and Rustbucket Race-O-Rama .


The objective is to make it through two laps of flipping around in Radiator Springs while following Mater along different roads.


The track is pretty small, but does have lots of sharp turns. The race starts out on the main road, and turns right behind Flo's V8 Cafe. Then, you will make another left, to go in the same direction you started in. You will then turn left at the courthouse, and back on to the main road. You will then turn left, and go through the Cozy Cone Motel and into Fillmore's Nature Preserve. You must then drive over a hill and make a hill, which will take you back to Mater's Junkyard.


"(Lightning McQueen drives over to Mater's house at night. He finds his back turned to him.)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey! I'm looking for the World's Best Backwards Driver, you seen him around?" (No answer.) "Do you think he has time to give me that backwards drivin lesson he promised?"
Mater: (turns around) "You bet your ding-dang bumper I do!" (drives onto the road, clears throat) "There's certain rules when you's drivin' backwards... ...the first thing you gotta do, (turns around) turn your rear tires like they was your fronts, like this right here. Then once you're goin' a bit and you wanna head left, all you gonna need to do is turn right. Got it?"
Lightning McQueen: Oh. I think so. Right to go left. Now where have I heard that before?""
Cut-scene, [[{{{3}}}]]


"(Lightning and Mater return to Mater's house.)
Lightning McQueen: Good race, Mater. Think I got the hang of it?"
Mater: You sure do, Mr. Guh, uh, gint... grun, ginn, gint... Mr. Gintil!"
Lightning McQueen: "Gintil? Mater, what's a gintil?"
Mater: "It's your name, backwards! Hello?!"
Lightning McQueen: "Mater, my name's not... Litnig. You're not so good with the whole spelling thing, are you?""
End-scene, [[{{{3}}}]]
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