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Mater's Speedy Circuit is an event in Cars: The Video Game. It is exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game. However, it is unlockable on the PS2, Wii and PC (with cheatcode).

Event Information

There are 6 laps, and the contestants can be anyone except for Monster Truck McQueen and Count Spatula.


The track is a very simple lap around Radiator Springs, It starts at the Courthouse and then turns left. You will then take a few more turns, leading back to the finish line.


  • This, Mater's Countdown Clean-Up and Ghosting Mater are the only events in the game that do not have a special loading screen. Instead, the Cars logo on a blue background is displayed while loading.
  • Since the track is dedicated to Mater, he will always appear as an opponent in this race in Arcade mode, unless the player is racing as him, in which he will appear as the racer the player is driving as.
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