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Mater Goes to the Car-Nival was set to be an episode of Cars Toons, but it was cancelled.


Mater tows a car, whistling, when he passes a car-nival. Mater stops and takes a look at it. There are cars in a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, and a whirler, and Mater thinks it looks like fun. He tells the car he was towing he'll be right back, albeit the car says he's not going anywhere.

Mater looks around and drives down an alley of games, including Bug Slug. He spots a funhouse and excitedly enters. A tunnel spins him around, some funhouse mirrors frighten him, and various car hazards scare him out. As Mater rushes, his hook gets caught on a ferris wheel. He sets himself free and drives through a tent housing a bumper car attraction, consisting of cars with bumpers wrapped around them. He enters a fortune teller's tent, in which he sees a crystal ball. The fortune teller in the tent says to him, "Your future is closer than it appears," prompting Mater to drive backwards out of the tent. He hits a bumper on a strength pole and rings the bell and is freightened further. His hook gets caught yet again, this time on a rope of flags. A truck, who can guess anyone's mileage, looks at Mater and says "336,432.2." Mater checks himself and says, "He's right!" and zips away. He ends up in a line to a roller coaster and gets blocked by a truck bigger than him. He enters the roller coaster and rides it, screaming throughout. After the ride, Mater feels woozy and exits the car-nival.

As Mater picks up the car he was towing, and the car asks, "How was the car-nival?" Mater replies, "It was awesome! I love the car-nival!" He then gets back to towing the car.



  • This episode didn't follow the usual Cars Toons plot, which is probably why it was cancelled.
  • In this short, McQueen doesn't appear.
  • "Car-Nival" is a pun on "carnival". However, the sign at the entrance says the proper word, "carnival".
  • In polish it named Wesołe miasteczko.