Mater and the Easter Buggy is a book.


It was the day before Easter, and everyone in Radiator Springs were getting ready. Red was planting taillight tulip bulbs, Flo was showing off her Easter colors, Lizzie was having a spring sale, and Fillmore was decorating oilcans for the Easter can hunt.

But Mater was the most excited, because he was excited about the Easter Buggy. He planned to stay up all night to see him. However, Lightning didn't believe in the Easter Buggy, and worried that Mater would be upset if he didn't come. He came up with a plan. He got some Easter cans from Fillmore, springs from Lizzie, a dozen lug nuts and a quart of coolant from Flo, and some headlamps to disguise as the Easter Buggy.

He hid in front of Mater's Junkyard and waited for Mater to fall asleep. Then, he went to fill up Mater's Easter tire, and he will think that it was the Easter Buggy. Unfortunately, he accidentally rolled over an alarm that Mater set up, and Mater woke up. He thought that the Easter Buggy was somewhere.

Lightning quickly thought that maybe he went to Luigi's Casa Della Tires, and they went there. Mater set up his Easter tire, and Lightning tried his plan again, but accidentally knocked over a stack of tires, waking Mater up. When he saw that the Easter Buggy wasn't here, Lightning quickly thought that maybe he went to Ramone's House of Body Art. Again, Lightning wasn't able to sneak towards his Easter tire and knocked down a bunch of paint cans and splashed paint on himself.

Then, Mater thought that the Easter Buggy could be leaving, because it was almost morning, so they went to the welcome billboard. When Mater fell asleep, Lightning tried his plan again, but also fell asleep. While they were sleeping, the Easter Buggy came and filled both Mater and Lightning's tires with treats and goodies. When they woke up, Mater was excited to see his goodies, and Lightning was amazed.

Lightning finally says that maybe the Easter Buggy is real.



  • The Easter Buggy is based on the Easter Bunny.


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