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  • I live in Antê Naevius, Ticronvidia
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is King
  • I am The One and Only King of Ticronvidia
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  • This harsh policy has been made because of the lack of admins.I spy on many contributors and find that you're one of the best editors.It will be our wiki's pride if you become an admin and help those two busy admins to administrate users who don't obey the rule.Why not apply for adminship?World of cars wiki needs you!

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  • So, I see your profile page is full of Piston Cup Racer names, and I was thinking about those too. One day I just feared there would be no Shifty Drug, Fiber Fuel, Sidewall Shine, Retread, or Tach-O-Mint (I am happy to see you have that photo of him) car, and I made some names myself, and I may as well make some designs too just in case. Maybe Pixar could make these official, seeing as they couldn't even do the Stock Car Leak Less' name right.

    (All cars share numbers with their Cars 1 counterparts, Stock Car Sidewall Shine is female, the rest are all male)

    • Stock Car Shifty Drug - Elliot Diamond
    • Stock Car Fiber Fuel - Delano Dustfield
    • Stock Car Sidewall Shine - Perry Traylor
    • Stock Car Retread - Dottie Vox
    • Stock Car Tach-O-Mint - Eldrich SweetTire
    • Next-Gen Shifty Drug - Pluto Oswald
    • Next-Gen Fiber Fuel - Billie Joe Blackrim
    • Next-Gen Sidewall Shine - Biff Harding
    • Next-Gen Retread - Warren Angelwing
    • Next-Gen Tach-O-Mint - Candy Van Rip
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    22:00, February 23, 2018
  • Which WP page is that?

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  • Hello. We all appreciate your great contributions to this wiki, which make our wiki more prosperous. You've edited pages for many times , so I consider you an excellent contributer. However, I happened to find that you've changed the info about McQueen's Chinese name, which is totally against my edit. I'm sure that the name is not true and is only shown in Taiwan version.His Chinese name "闪电麦昆" is the only name right for him. So what's your opinion? You're supposed to give some explanation about it.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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  • You need to state your source when adding new information about upcoming or recently released products. We have no idea if the Clutch Aid racer in Cars 3 is Kevin Shiftright or another new character. I have tried to make this clear more times than I can count.

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