Micro Drifters is a toy line made by Mattel, that have a tiny ball at the bottom and can slide down something with a "drifting" motion.



These are sold in "blind bags", meaning you will get a random one without seeing which one it is.

Holiday 2-Packs

These 2-Packs were available for Easter in 2013.





  • Colossus XXL (includes WGP Lightning)
  • Mack Rolling Display Case
  • Mack Rolling Display Case (with five cars, Jeff Gorvette, Mater, Raoul Caroule, Max Schnell, WGP Lightning Mcqueen; Target only )
  • Motorized Super Speedway (includes WGP Lightning)
  • Lightning McQueen Launcher
  • Francesco Bernoulli Launcher
  • Fast Flip Transforming Raceway (includes Lightning McQueen)
  • Design & Drift Speedway (includes WGP Lightning)
  • Radiator Springs Drift Challenge (includes WGP Lightning)
  • Mega Track Pack (double pack of Design & Drift Speedway and Radiator Springs Drift Challenge, includes WGP Lightning, Mater, Sally Carrera, Jeff Gorvette and Max Schnell; Toys "R" Us only)




  • Wall Race Track Set (includes Propwash Junction Dusty Crophopper and full-color poster)
  • Take-Off Launcher (includes Propwash Junction Dusty Crophopper)


  • A launch party was held on September 14th.
  • Even though Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was shown at the 2012 Comic Con as one of the 11 Piston Cup racers, Manny Flywheel was released instead of him, Dale was never released.
  • The first release of Professor Z had him without a monocle, but he now has his monocle with Grem and Acer.
  • Fillmore has his 95 decals on the sides, which makes him Race Team.


  • On the Spy Mater/Rod Torque/Finn package, it states Finn as "Hydrofoil Finn McMissile" although he does not have his hydrofoils, but instead he has his submarine gear.
  • The package featuring Ned incorrectly refers to him as Zed.
  • The package with Lee/Eugene/Lightning states the Dinoco Lightning as the "Bling Bling Lightning McQueen" although that he has no Bling Bling rims on his wheels, but instead he has his blue rims.
  • Like his diecast, Miguel Camino has a red spoiler instead of his real black one.


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