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Miguel Camino is Spain's most renowned, admired and captivating car. He first caught his home country’s attention by participating in the infamous Running of the Bulldozers. His flair, style and speed as a toreador in the dozer ring has inspired a generation of young bulldozer fighters, and soon that same speed and verve turned headlights of fans and competitors alike on the Grand Touring Sport racing circuit. Bearing the #5 and the fiery colors of the Spanish flag, Miguel Camino is hoping to race his way into more hearts at the World Grand Prix.


In Cars 2, Miguel Camino is the number #5 race car in the World Grand Prix. He blew out in the first part of the Tokyo race, among two others. Comparing with the not really good performance from him in the Tokyo race, he was much better in the Porto Corsa race. And in the London race, he was very close to passing Francesco Bernoulli to the 2nd position. Camino has no speaking lines, and is technically a minor character, despite the fact that he is a really common choice for merchandising. In Cars 2: The Video Game Miguel reappears as a playable race car. This is also the only time he speaks.


Miguel is painted dark yellow, with various colors painted all over his body. He has red designs on the bottom of his doors, as well as a black star next to his number "5". On his hood, he has Spanish designs colored red, black and orange. He has a large black spoiler, and chrome rims.


Miguel's model is a 2007 Grand Touring Sports SS-E Racer, with a top speed of 200 mph, which can be reached in about 11 seconds. His engine type is a DOHC V-8, with a horsepower of 570.


Miguel is a famous race car, located in Spain. He competed in the World Grand Prix among several other world-famous champions.

W.G.P Results

Tokyo Race: blew out ( 11th )

Porto Corsa Race: crash ( 8th )

London Race: 3th Place

Radiator Springs Grand Prix: 6th Place



  • Miguel's die-cast model has a red spoiler, instead of his canon black spoiler.
  • Miguel's make model is currently unknown, but he does strongly resemble a Corvette.





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