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Mike and Sulley's Last Laugh
Event Information



Next to the turkey in Ornament Valley (The Sand Dunes, Turkey Valley)
In the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre (Main Street, Sarge's Playground)
On a road in Tailfin Pass (Wheel Well Tour, Tailfin Labyrinth)


3 Bolt Banners for each level


The next level

Mike and Sulley's Last Laugh is a minigame in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The objective of the game is to collect more laugh canisters than the other player in the given amount of time, which varies per level. To assist the player in finding canisters, there is a blue arrow at the top of the screen, as well as a map that can be found on the left-hand side of the screen, where the canisters are indicated by a yellow dot. Driving into one of the canisters will award the collector a point, and whoever has the largest number of points at the end of the game wins.

Certain levels also feature garage doors. Driving into one will teleport the vehicle to the opposite door of the same color. There are three different door colors throughout the game's six levels; green, red, and pink.

While all six levels are played as Mike in story mode, the player is also given the option of Sulley in the game's arcade mode. Winning each event will award the player three Bolt Banners, and there are a total of eighteen that can be collected from this minigame.


Of the six levels, two take place in Ornament Valley, two take place in Radiator Springs, and two take place in Tailfin Pass. Although the Radiator Springs levels are listed first in the arcade mode, both of the Ornament Valley levels must be completed before the two Radiator Springs levels are made available.

Level Setting Time Limit Sets of garage doors
Track preview MG LL OV small.png

The Sand Dunes
Ornament Valley 2:30 1 (Red)
Track preview MG LL OV small.png

Turkey Valley
Ornament Valley 3:00 2 (Red, green)
Track preview MG LL RS small.png

Main Street
Radiator Springs 3:00 0
Track preview MG LL RS small.png

Sarge's Playground
Radiator Springs 3:30 1 (Red)
Track preview MG LL TF small.png

Wheel Well Tour
Tailfin Pass 3.30 1 (Red, green)
Track preview MG LL TF small.png

Tailfin Labyrinth
Tailfin Pass 4.00 3 (Red, green, pink)


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