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Mildred Bylane
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United Service Organizations employee

Place of residence

United States

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full-size car

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Paint colour

Tan, chrome, gray

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Mildred Bylane was a car that worked for United Service Organizations.


Mildred Bylane in Radiator Springs.

Mildred Bylane was a car that lived in the United States. She worked for United Service Organizations. In summer of 1943, while in USO publicity tour on Route 66, she passed through town of Radiator Springs, Arizona, United States. While being there, accidentally swerved into a bed of flowers from where she got rescored by firefighter Red. At the end of the summer, her work made her go oversees. While leaving the town, she gave Red a single rose to remember her by. Red has kept the flower and has been carring for its descendants ever since. She later visited Radiator Springs at least once. During one of her visits she bought tyres at Luigi's Casa Della Tires store.

Physical description

Mildred Bylane was a 1944 Hollismobile Driftwood with tan livery with gray patches on her sides. She had green eyes. Her registration plate number was 2769.

Official profiles

  • Mildred Bylane first passed through Radiator Springs in the summer of 1943 as part of a USO publicity tour. When she accidentally swerved into a bed of flowers, she found herself rescued by none other than the town's shyest resident – Red. When Mildred's job called her overseas at the end of the summer, she left Red a single rose to remember her by. To this day, he keeps her memory alive by caring for the descendants of that very flower.



  • According to Mildred's Car Finder profile, she was a part of an organization called the USO. This may refer to the United Service Organization, a real-life program seeking to provide service to those who serve the United States.
  • Her profile in Car Finder mentions she met Red in 1943, despite Red being a mid-60s firetruck and she being produced in 1944.
  • Registration plate number, 2769, was also used by Milton Calypeer.


Names in other languages

  • Polish: Melania Prawypas


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