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Miles Axlerod
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Host of the World Grand Prix
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Eddie Izzard

""Bomb deactivated. Have a nice day, Sir Axlerod.""
—'Bomb', Cars 2, [[{{{3}}}]]

Sir Miles Axlerod is the main antagonist of Cars 2.

He was a rich oil baron, before his arrest in London for destroying the climax of the World Grand Prix, his own scam of an event.

Creation and development

Early concepts of Cars 2 had considered a Russian car or 1967 Ford Corsair as the main villain instead of Miles. Axlerod's name apparently originated from an old joke his voice actor Eddie Izzard once told concerning the invention of the wheel and axle.

The DVD commentary for Cars 2 states that the climax where Mater confronts Axlerod at Buckingham Palace over the plot to sabotage the World Grand Prix came rather early in production, so the Pixar team worked backwards from there to make Axlerod the ultimate bad guy and someone else the good guy, so that when it got up to the climax, everyone could see how brilliant Mater was in figuring out the whole thing.


Cars 2

Miles Axlerod in Cars 2.

Though at first Professor Zündapp appears to be the main villain in Cars 2, it is revealed near the end of the film by Mater that Axlerod is actually the main villain. His supposed "alternative fuel" Allinol, was actually gasoline engineered to expand and eventually explode if hit with an electromagnetic pulse, and was part of a plot to turn the world against alternative energy and have them rely on gasoline, bringing profits to the lemons and himself due to the fact that they own the largest untapped oil reserves in the world. At a party promoting the World Grand Prix, he leaks oil on the floor, proving that he is not an electric car; he blamed it on Mater (who was never seen leaking oil in the entire series despite all the wear on him) to cover it up.

Axlerod is confronted by Mater.

Eventually, Axlerod arranges for Zündapp and the lemon cars to plant a bomb on Mater's air filter as a backup plan to kill Lightning McQueen. Mater later discovers the story about the conspiracy after helping Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell arrest Zündapp and the lemon cars, and confronts Axlerod for it, and his suspicions are confirmed when he forces Axlerod into deactivating the bomb with a voice command in order to keep the bomb from killing himself since the bomb would have destroyed him otherwise. To proceed further, Mater opens Axlerod's hood, revealing the same engine (a Rover V8) as the unseen mastermind depicted in the photo, which Finn and Holley obtained from their American counterpart earlier, proving to be a perfect match. It is not told what happened to Axlerod after having his plot exposed. It is most likely that he is arrested by the police in the UK, charged for murder, conspiracy, and scams, and sentenced to an unknown amount of time.

Mainly, Miles Axlerod's plan included other cars all around the world switch to the Allinol, later on make the Allinol dangerous, as it blows up the engines casually, and then when cars will decide to go back to the oil, all the oil will be in his control.

Cars 2: The Video Game

In Cars 2: The Video Game, Miles is an unlockable playable character, available once access to Clearance Level 5 is granted. He is a heavy weight character that utilizes power more than speed.

Cars 3

Axlerod is a collectible on Sterling's glass shelf.

Miles Axlerod does not make a physical appearance in Cars 3, implying that he is still in prison. A photo of him appears on Sterling's shelves, which possibly signifies that Sterling (who otherwise never appeared) knew him before his arrest.

General information

Physical description


Cars 2 Turntable "Miles Axlerod"

Turntable video of Miles.

Miles' design resembles a Land Rover Defender 90. His license plate reads "ALT NRG", an abbreviation of "alternative energy". However, before his "electric conversion" (ultimately a lie), he does not appear to have a license plate at all. He is painted dark green, with a grey and black roof.

Personality and traits

Charming as he seems, Miles is a villain. He is evil, greedy, deceptive and manipulative. Miles is also clearly a smart thinker, as he had thought the entire plan to get rid of Allinol through, as he set everything up to make him look like an innocent car.

Official profiles and statistics

Cars 2

  • Bios
    • "Axlerod is a former oil baron who has sold off his fortune, converted himself into an electric vehicle and has devoted his life to finding the renewable, clean-burning energy source of the future — ultimately discovering what he believes is the fuel everyone should be using. Axlerod is also the host of the World Grand Prix, a three-country race he created that attracts the world's top athletes to promote his new clean burning fuel, Allinol."[1]

Cars 2: The Video Game

  • Bios
    • "After selling off his fortune and converting himself to an electric vehicle, Miles Axlerod can't help but draw attention. Now he's created the World Grand Prix, a three country race to highlight ALLINOL, his fantastic renewable wonder-fuel."
  • Stats
    • Weight class: Heavy
    • Speed: 20
    • Power: 80



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  • "Ah! He's a little excited, isn't he?" - Cars 2
  • "Has anyone got a towel?" - Cars 2
  • "I'm sorry to interrupt." - Cars 2
  • "I just wanted to come down here, and to personally thank you. Because after Italy, I was finished, and then you gave me one last shot." - Cars 2
  • "I probably shouldn't be saying this at all, but I hope you win today. You show the world that they've been wrong about allinol." - Cars 2
  • "Deactivate!!" - Cars 2
  • "How did the tow truck figure it out?" - Cars 2

Names in other languages

  • Bulgarian: Майлс Енервалс (transcription: Maĭls Enervals)
  • Greek: Μάιλς Βιοκαύσιμος (transcription: Máils Viokáfsimos)
  • Hungarian: Benzington Miles
  • Norwegian: Nils Akseltrykk
  • Polish: Baron Smardz-Rychły
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Miles Eixoderroda
  • Portuguese (European): Miles Axlerod
  • Russian: Майлс Карданвал (transcription: Mayls Kardanval)
  • Swedish: Max Axeltryck
  • Ukrainian: Майлз Баксельрод (transcription: Mayls Bakselrod)


  • Miles' tires' texture repeats a leaf-shaped motif.
  • If one looks closely at his front wheels, they can see the words 'REGEN R8' meaning 'Regenerate'.
  • Pure electrical Rover products never existed when the film was in development. As most of the vehicles in the film save for Holley Shiftwell are based on existing ones, this was the first clue that Axelrod is not an electrical vehicle. Furthermore, Mater was never seen leaking oil in the entire series despite all the rust.
  • Miles uses a lot of parts made by "British Wheeland" to keep himself going. "British Wheeland" is a parody of British Leyland, which produced both the Range Rover and the notoriously unstable V-8 engine that powered them. Even the logo was a parody of British Leyland's, using a big bold printed W instead of the big bold

    Miles emerging from the jungle from Up.

    printed L. Mater appears to recognize this fact, as he claimed that B.L. made parts that will not fit on other cars because of them not using standardized bolts.
  • The jungle Miles gets lost in before he converts to an electric vehicle is the jungle from Up.
  • Axlerod's personality is very similar to that of Waternoose (one of the main antagonists from Monsters, Inc.): both are portrayed as evil businessmen who are originally introduced as being friendly, both rely on deception as part of their motivations. They end up incarcerated after being exposed to the authorities. However, unlike Waternoose, who is just a secondary helper of Randall and only went with him because he could save Monsters, Inc. that way, Axlerod directed the plot in the first place and had evil intentions from the start.
  • When Miles Axlerod drives, the horizontal lines across his wheels do not spin with the tires.
  • There are some clues that Axlerod was the Villian the whole time.
  • 1. At the Tokyo Party, he leaked oil and blamed it on Mater when the latter never leaked oil.
  • 2. The Car mirrors from the engine from the photo look a lot like his.
  • 3. At the beginning of the London Race, he had an Evil Smile on his Face.


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