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Milton Calypeer is a character in Cars.

Physical description

He is a Wale Motors Sunday Driver 1200. His plate number is 2769. He is painted powder blue with chrome trim. His eyes are blue.

Official profiles

  • Milton loved cruising around town, greeting and being greeted as he made his way to nowhere in particular. He worked at the courthouse in Radiator Springs but purposely bought a house at the other end of town just so he could run into more folks as he made his way to and from work.


  • Registration plate number, 2769, was also used by Mildred Bylane.
  • He has Sheriff's grille/mustache, implying that he is very similar to Sheriff.


Names in other languages

  • Polish: Michał Chrom-Błysk
  • Russian: Милтон Циркуль (transcription: Milton Tsirkul)