Monster Truck Mater

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The latest installment of the series follows Mater as a super star professional wrestler, "The Tormentor". After beating many monster trucks, Mater rises up the ranks. When facing his biggest opponent (Dr. Frankenwagon's Monster), however, Mater needs help from his tag team partner, Lightning McQueen as "Frightening McMean". But is this real or just an elaborate Tall Tale?


Trivia[2]Editar sección

  • Dr.Feel Bad it´s probably a remake of the Rescue Squad Ambulance.
  • The Hospital room where Dr.Feel Bad was thrown it´s the same hospital room seeing in Rescue Squad Mater. see image
  • The last wrestling of the short takes place in the Motor Speedway of the South, the same place where the first race of the movie Cars was token.
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