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Monster Truck Mayhem
Event Information

Road Race


Luigi's Casa Della Tires
Rustbucket Stadium


Finish Sally's Wheel Well Sprint or Doc's Check-Up


1st place - 5 trophies
2nd place - 3 trophies
3rd place - 2 trophies


Chick's Challenge

Monster Truck Mayhem is a race course that appeared in Cars: The Video Game.

Appearance in CarsEdit

Monster Truck Mayhem is the only monster-truck race in the game, appearing as an event in Chapter 4 of story mode. In the event, three monster trucks named Count Spatula, The Crippler and Ginormous visit Radiator Springs to challenge Lightning to a race. After Luigi and Guido rig Lightning McQueen to match his abilities with the other three trucks, a track is set up in the Rustbucket Stadium, where fans from all over Carburetor County arrive to see the competition. After McQueen beats the three other trucks, they are not seen throughout the rest of the campaign.

The track layout consists of two ovals that connect in the center. There are several obstacles scattered around the track, along with bumpy hills on each of the two ovals. The race is 12 laps, and the competitors are Lightning, Count Spatula, The Crippler and Ginormous.

The race can also be played in arcade mode, with no differences from story mode, other than the option to play as Count Spatula or change the paint job.



  • This is the last race in the game where Chick Hicks does not appear.
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