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Murray Clutchburn
General information



Racing driver

Place of residence

United States

Vehicle information

Stodgey Suaver EX[1]


Stock race car

Paint colour

Turquoise, orange, white

Eye colour




Racing career
Racing competitions

Olympics Relay Race (1984)
Piston Cup Racing Series (1980s–2016)


Sputter Stop (1980s–2016)

Competition number



Gold medal in Olympics Relay Race

Series information
First appearance



Jack Angel

Murray Clutchburn was a race car, that used to compete in the Piston Cup Racing Series for the Sputter Stop team with the number 92. He started his sports career as a member of the 1984 gold-winning Olympics relay race team.


Before Cars

Murrary got his start in sports as a member of the 1984 gold-winning Olympics test track relay race team. The momentum of the Olympics carried him straight into mainstream professional racing and a flourishing career in The Piston Cup series.

Clutchburn during Dinoco 400 race at the Motor Speedway of the South during the wreck.


In Cars, Murray competes during the Dinoco 400 race at the the Motor Speedway of the South, which was the final race of the Piston Cup season. During the race, he took part in an accident between almost all of the competitors that was caused by Chick Hicks, during which he ended up on his roof and got slammed by Ralph Carlow. He was able to continue racing and finished the race.

Cars 3

In Cars 3, Murrary was still competing in the Piston Cup until 2016, when in the midseason, when Jackson Storm made his debut. Due to Storm, interest in Next-Gen race cars rose as they had better achievements on the tracks. Sputter Stop either fired Murrary or Murrary retired on his own got replaced by Sheldon Shifter.

Physical Description

In Cars, Murray Clutchburn is a Stodgey Suaver EX[1] stock car with Lightyear racing tyres. His eyes were blue, he had dark green livery with orange designs on his hood, roof and doors. He had the Sputter Stop logo on his hood, and the number 92 painted on his roof and doors. He also had an orange spoiler, black rims, and a black grille. In Cars 3, Murrary's appearance changes drastically as he looks like a Capitol Motors Mark II or an Axxelo Fission. However his paintjob remains similar to the first film with the only difference being the headlights as now the number 92 is under one instead of being on it.

Official Profiles

  • Murray Clutchburn's first taste of competition was as a member of the 1984 gold-winning Olympic test track relay team. You might recognize him from specially marked boxes of Wheelies Shredded Brakes! The momentum of the Olympics carried him straight into mainstream professional racing and a flourishing career in The Piston Cup series. Lauded for his classic image, Murray sometimes sports his signature exhaust side-burns that made him such a hit with the ladies back in the day.





Names in other languages

  • Polish: Mietek Palsprzęgło


  1. 1.0 1.1 While in most appearances, including Cars, he was presented as Stodgey Suaver EX, in Cars 3, his model was changed to Capitol Motors Mark II.
  2. While in Cars he has blue eyes, in Cars 3, they are grey.


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