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Republic of New Rearendia is an independent country that used to be European colony and got it independence around late 2011.


The country used to be colony of one of European empires. It got it's independence around 2011. At that time it wasn't much recognisable in the world. In 2011 racing car from that country, Rip Clutchgoneski represented it on World Grand Prix.

One of the cities in the country is Wheeli which is hometown to Rip Clutchgoneski.


The flag of New Rearendia is red, orange and green. It is divided by an orange cross in four parts, with opposite sections of the same color, red or green. In the upper left section is an orange symbol shaped as a gear.

However, there is an inconsistency on the disposition of the red and green colors. All flags and insignia scattered in the film have the upper left square green (with the other squares colored accordingly), while Rip Clutchgoneski's WGP insignia painted on him is arranged with the upper left square red.




Crime leaders and members of Lemons organisation, Vladimir Trunkov and J. Curby Gremlin are wanted in New Rearendia.



  • The Republic of New Rearendia is the a fictional country created for Cars 2 film and existing only inside Cars universe.


Names in other languages

  • Polish: Nowa Spoilerina
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