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The Republic of New Rearendia is a former European colony and newly independent country.


Official information relating to the movie allows to know a few details on the Republic. It was formerly a European colony, and recently became independent (at the time of the events in Cars 2). However, it is unknown from the world, and is desperate to put their name on the map. But they have high hopes that the participation of their young racer Rip Clutchgoneski to the World Grand Prix will give to the Republic some attention.

The location of New Rearendia in the world is unknown.

The name of one of its town is known: Rip's hometown, named Wheeli.


The flag of New Rearendia is red, orange and green. It is divided by an orange cross in four parts, with opposite sections of the same color, red or green. In the upper left section is an orange symbol shaped as a gear. The flag can be seen during the RSN coverage of the World Grand Prix.

However, there is an inconsistency on the disposition of the red and green colors. All flags and insignia scattered in the film have the upper left square green (with the other squares colored accordingly), while Rip Clutchgoneski's WGP insignia painted on him is arranged with the upper left square red.



The Republic of New Rearendia is never spoken of directly in Cars 2. Although Rip Clutchgoneski appears throughout the movie, it is never said explicitly in the film that he is from New Rearendia. Still, his paint job and his pit's design are colored after his country's flag.

Also, New Rearendia's name appears in the movie, as one of the many countries in which the lemon family leaders Vladimir Trunkov and J. Curby Gremlin are wanted.


  • The Republic of New Rearendia is the only fictional country in the Cars series far known.
  • It possible that the New Rearendia was one of Soviet republics because Brian Gearlooski is Soviet car and have Soviet type of license plate (only difference is English letters). Clutchgonetski and Gearlooski are Polish type of lastnames.
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