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North Willys Butte
Event Information

Road Race


Beside Sarge's Compound


Finish Team Relay #1 and Fillmore's Nature Preserve


1st place - 8 Bolt Banners


Stadium Race #1 (if 25 Bolt Banners have been earned)

North Willys Butte is the third Road Race and fourth overall story event in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

The race starts out on the road next to Sarge's Compound, and then racers will make a right and drive straight into it. After jumping over a large amount of cacti, the competitors must navigate through a series of sharp and narrow turns, until the track eventually leads into the trench under the stone bridge. Unlike in Cars: The Video Game, there are now small sections of water in the trench, and racers must jump over them, or they will slow down upon making contact with one. The racers then must drive past a waterfall, and past Willy's Butte. After a few turns, the racers will drive on a straight road through Sarge's Boot Camp, while avoiding tornadoes that will spin a racer if contact is made. Once out of the compound, the racers return to the finish line.

In story mode, the player takes control of Lightning, and the other competitors are Otto, Gerald, Sheriff, and Snot Rod.


Stat Amount
Racers 5
Bolt Banners 8 (1st place)
Unlocks Stadium Race #1 (if 25 Bolt Banners have been earned)


  • If the player makes a sharp left before the waterfall, they are able to drive through a cave with stones hanging from the ceiling. Hitting one will break it, causing a small decrease in speed.



See also


  • During the first cutscene, Otto tells Lightning and Sheriff that he races in "Le Cars". This is a parody of Le Mans, which is known for hosting twenty-four hour endurance races, something Otto also mentions.
  • Red makes a cameo appearance on top of the canyon shooting water from his hose into one of the ponds, to form the waterfall.
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