North Willys Butte
Event Information

Road Race


Beside Sarge's Compound


Finish Fillmore's Nature Preserve


1st place - 8 Bolt Banners

North Willy's Butte is a race course seen in Cars: Mater-National Championship. It's also the third Road Race.


(Lightning McQueen drives to near Sarge's Boot Camp, where he finds Sheriff and Otto Von Fassenbottom)
Lightning McQueen: "What's the problem, Sheriff?"
Sheriff: "Speed limit's 25. And I clock this hot rodder doing 120. That's the problem."
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "I'm a racecar! I go 0 to 90 in 2 seconds! I've never gone 25 in my life! Where's the Autobahn around here anyway?"
Sheriff: "Keeps going on about some Autobahn or something. And when I go to give him a ticket, he signs his name on it like I was asking for an autograph."
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "I'm Otto Von Fassenbottom, the famous racecar. I've come here to race, but there are no races yet."
Lightning McQueen: "Tell you what, Sheriff. Let me take Otto off your hands for ya. I'll make sure he stays out of trouble." (to Otto) "Hey, Otto! How's 3 laps sound?"
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "Like a Sunday drive. I race in Le Cars. One race lasts 24 hours."
Lightning McQueen: (sighs) "That's a long race. Let's just start with 3 laps."
(McQueen and Otto rev their engines.)
Lightning McQueen: "Come on, Sheriff! Why don't you join us? You can blast your siren. It'll be fun!" (they drive away, with Sheriff following)
Sheriff: "Distant third, here I come." (turns his siren on)


This is a 3 lap race raced as Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs and Willy's Butte. Your opponents are Sheriff, Otto Von Fassenbottom, Snot Rod and Gerald. If you win, you get 8 banners.

The race starts out next to Sarge's Compound, and later heads straight into it. Eventually, the track will take racers into Willy's Butte, where there are terrible storms, involving fierce twisters. Once out of Willy's Butte, racers take a back road that will lead back to the finish line.


(Lightning McQueen and Otto Von Fassenbottom are driving near Sarge's Boot Camp until they stop.)
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "That was a good race. But now, let us race some more."
Lightning McQueen: "Wow! Again? You really like to race. But maybe you should take a break. See the town!"
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "No time for seeing. Only time for racing."
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah, but don't you think you should get a souvenir while you're in town? Do you have a girlfriend back in Germany?"
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "Yeah. She is called Jenny."
Lightning McQueen: "Well, there you have it! You can't go back without a nice gift for Jenny!"
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "Nein." (No.) "Jenny would not like that."
Lightning McQueen: "No, she wouldn't! Luckily, Lizzie's Curio Shop is just down the street. (Sheriff appears driving towards them.) All the souvenirs you could imagine. Just tell her Lightning sent ya."
Otto Von Fassenbottom: "Danke sehr, Lightning." (Thank you very much, Lightning.) (drives off)
Lightning McQueen: "Anytime! But be sure to ask for the full tour! Oh, and about Stanley! And...and about how things are different now than they were in the old days!"
(Sheriff stops next to McQueen.)
Sheriff: "Sending him to see Lizzie, huh?"
Lightning McQueen: "Yep."
Sheriff: "That'll keep him busy."
Lightning McQueen: "Yep."


  • "Le Cars" is a parody of Le Mans.
  • Red makes a cameo on top of the canyon shooting water from his hose into one of the ponds.

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