Cars 2 obey traffic signals

Obey Traffic Signals is a Russian commercial used to promote Cars 2, that talks about traffic safety.


The short starts out with a blue pitty named Misha crossing the road, but jumping back when cars shoot at him. A zebra-striped Mater takes Misha to a traffic signal and teaches him how to use the crosswalk. When a car attempts to drive at a red light, Mater stops him and scolds him, and carefully has Misha cross.



  • Misha's name was confirmed in a Behind the Scenes video.
  • Mater has a zebra paint job because it's the same color of a crosswalk. In Russia, 'zebra' is a crosswalk's nickname.
  • Vladimir Trunkov makes a short cameo.
  • This advertisment saying that all pedestrian rules in Cars universe are for pitties.


  • Vladimir Trunkov, as mentioned above, makes a cameo, even though he should still be in prison.


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