Off Road Races
Event Information

Circuit Races


Ornament Valley (1)
Autovia (2)


Finish Smash Up 2 (1)
Finish Off Road Race 1 (2)


Autovia, Off Road Race 2, Point to Point 5, Guido Kart Race 4, Auto Cross 5, Photo Op 5, Monster Truck Mayhem 4 (1)
Academy Challenge 3 (2)

Off Road Races are events in Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Off Road Race 1

In this race, players are racing three laps around Ornament Valley as Lightning McQueen, and the opponents are Chick Hicks' Students 1, 2 and 4 on the PlayStation 2. On other consoles, Mater, Flo, Ramone and Chick Hicks Student 3 are added. Placing in first earns the player a gold trophy, second for silver and third for bronze.

Off Road Race 2


In the cut-scene, members of the Chick Hicks Racing Academy enter the Motor Co. Factory on one side and come out the other side as VINs.

Event Information

The race is a two-lap race around Autovia. Players race as Lightning McQueen, and the opponents are Mater, Chick Hicks Student 1, and Doc Hudson Student 1. On other consoles, Chick Hicks Student 2, Doc Hudson Student 2 and 2 VINs are added. Placing in first earns the player a gold trophy, second is for silver and third is for bronze.


  • The cut-scene for Off Road Race 2 is the only scene in the game to feature no dialogue.
  • Off Road Race 2 is the first race to feature the VINs.
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