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Ornament Valley GP
Event Information

Road Race


Ornament Valley Gas Station


Finish Tailfin Pass GP


1st place - 5 trophies
2nd place - 3 trophies
3rd place - 2 trophies


Los Angeles International Speedway

Ornament Valley GP is an event in Cars: The Video Game and the last Road Race in the game.

Event Information

The race has 2 laps, and the contestants are Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Vince, Sonny, and Barry. You will receive 5 trophies for placing first, 3 trophies for placing second, and 2 trophies for placing third.


The race starts out on the main road of Ornament Valley, and then turns left, where the track divides into two paths. Taking either one will take you to the same place. You must then drive through the compound, and take a dirt road, which leads to a hill. You jump over the main road, and take a secret path into Radiator Springs, where you take a few different turns. You then drive down Route 66, which will lead back to the finish.


"Darrell Cartrip: "And we're here at the start of Race #3 of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix with Vince, who came all the way out here from... Queens? Is that right?"
Vince: "Uh, yeah." (drives up to the camera) "Hi, Ma!"
Darrell Cartrip: "And why Radiator Springs? Did you come all the way out here to race against Lightning McQueen?"
Vince: "Uh, uh, no, uh, uh, we know that guy, but you knows, actually, we came out to train with, uh, Chick. Yeah, we figured if you wants to be the best, you know, you's got to train with a real professional racer, you know, uh, someone who could win a lot." (a moment of silence)
Vince: "And, and, um, um, yeah.""
Cut-Scene, [[{{{3}}}]]

Pre-Race Scene

Vince, Barry, and Sonny were driving around Lightning McQueen. Then Chick Hicks drove up, and they all lined up at the starting line. However, in the opposite direction that the race goes.


  • Chick Hicks will always appear as an opponent in this race in Arcade mode, unless the player is racing as him, in which he will appear as the racer the player is driving as.
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