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Paul Conrev
Character Information


Eye color

Green (Cars 3 & diecast) Grey (concept art)


Piston Cup racer

Paul Conrev[1] is a Next-Gen 2017 Race Car SB-9 racer, who races for Bumper Save in the Piston Cup Racing Series. He sports the number 90, previously used by Ponchy Wipeout. Paul has a white livery, and a blue and red design on his sides.


In Cars 3, after next-generation racers begin to receive attention as a result of their higher capabilities, Piston Cup teams begin replacing their veteran stock racers with next-gen models. Paul replaces Ponchy Wipeout as the Bumper Save racer for the 2017 Florida 500.



  • Out of all the newcomers who make their debut in the Florida 500 (besides Cruz), Paul finishes highest.
  • Digital artist Luisa Leal designed Paul's livery during her time as an intern for Pixar.[2]
  • Paul's name is a nod to Cars 3 graphic designer Paul Conrad.
  • Paul is the only next-gen to have his hauler released as a diecast, aside from Jackson Storm and Eric Braker.


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