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The Piston Cup Racing Series (known as the Hudson Hornet Piston Cup from 2010-2011) is a racing series championship that has hosted championships for decades, across several generations of racers and champions. The Piston Cup series is known to date back to at least 1940's, where the Slide Powers and others competed in dirt tracks. In modern times, however, racers compete in large stadiums, with carefully maintained racetracks and immense space for spectators.

Season history

1940s seasons

This is the first Piston cup decade season. It is set on dirt track and only known racer at that time is Slide Powers, uncle of Slider Petrolski.

1951-1953 seasons

Hudson's flip move.

1951, 1952, and 1953 Piston Cup seasons were won by the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, during his prime. Hudson acquired three Piston Cup trophies, despite his philosophy that they are "just empty cups".

At that years Hudson had a rival, Gus O'Line. At one race they raced bumper to bumper, but at last lap, Gus' semi-axis dislocated and he did not finish, that race was won by Hornet. After that race, Hud fixed Gus' semi-axel and O'Line said, that Hornet should be a doctor, but Hudson did not believe him. During one race at the Thomasville Speedway, the Hudson Hornet quickly made his way to first place passing Louise Nash, Junior Moon, and River Scott but was pushed against the wall by Leroy Heming. But with quick thinking, Hudson performed a Flip Maneuver over him and crossed the finish line.

Hudson achieved thirteen victories in 1951, twenty-seven victories in 1952, and twenty-two victories in 1953.[1]

1954 season

Hudson's crash.

Hudson's prime ended when he received serious damage from an accident. According to comics, that crash caused by his rival, Sammy, that sideswiped him out, and Doc hit racer 57, somersaulted and landed on wheels, while Sammy won that race and became a champion. However, in Cars 3, while power sliding at Fireball Beach, Doc lost control and rolled several times, receiving serious damage, and after that, he was hospitalized.

His injuries rendered him unable to compete for the rest of the season. While Doc made a healthy recovery, when he returned wishing to race again, he was shunned in favor of newer and younger race cars, leading him to settle as a doctor in the small town of Radiator Springs, and choosing to hide his past.

Prior to his accident, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet acquired sixteen victories in 1954.

1970s-2004 seasons

In 70s, Strip Weathers won a couple of times. Darrell Cartrip won in 1982-1985, Kraig Shiftright won on late 70s and Klint Shiftright won on early 80s, Haul Inngas won on early 90s.

2005 season

Lightning McQueen, Strip Weathers, and Chick Hicks

In 2005 season, Lightning McQueen was a rookie. His first race was at Glen Ellyn. The 2005 season saw seven-time Piston Cup champion Strip Weathers, constant runner-up Chick Hicks, and popular new rookie Lightning McQueen as the leading competitors. Known, that McQueen first time won at Glen Ellyn. The final race of the season, called the Dinoco 400, was held at the Motor Speedway of the South. The three leading racers all had a score of 5,013 points, meaning whichever of the three placed first would take home the Piston Cup and the coveted Dinoco sponsorship.

Towards the start of the race, a large accident was caused by Chick Hicks with the intention of separating himself from the gaining McQueen. The accident involved every racer except for Weathers, Hicks, and McQueen, as the ladder skillfully managed to make his way through the crash without taking any damage. The other racers received damage, however, such as Chuck Armstrong, who was taken out of the race by a tow truck.

The first three-way tie in Piston Cup history.

Subsequently, Lightning McQueen arrogantly refused pit stops, which allowed him to gain an entire lap advantage on the other racers, which continued into the final lap of the race. However, as McQueen rounded the final turn, his tires blew out, leaving him crawling to the finish line. The other racers caught up to him, and McQueen, Hicks, and Weathers all crossed the finish line at the same time, making it the first three-way tie in Piston Cup history. A tie-breaker race between the three was set to be held at the Los Angeles International Speedway.

However, during Lightning's journey there, he fell out of his trailer and ended up in the small town of Radiator Springs, where he accidentally ripped up the road and was sentenced to community service. Once Lightning served his time, he was taken to the race, where he found it difficult to concentrate due to missing the friends he made while there. However, Lightning was joyful when he discovered that Hudson and the other townspeople had come to serve as his pit crew.

McQueen assists Weathers to the finish line.

Lightning, who had learned new abilities from his friends, utilized them during the race, which allowed him to hold up well against his two competitors, eventually taking the lead. Hicks, frustrated with constantly placing behind Weathers, performed a PIT maneuver on him, causing the seven-time champion to spin out of control and take heavy damage. McQueen, noticing similarities between Weathers' and Hudson's accidents, stopped just before the finish line and reversed up to Weathers, and helped him to the finish line, believing the old-timer should finish his last race. Despite being the victor, Hicks was booed for his actions, while McQueen was congratulated for his good sportsmanship. The Piston Cup logo was changed that year.

2006-2015 seasons

Hudson Hornet Piston Cup trophy

McQueen won the Piston Cup series in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015. The 2007, 2010 and 2013 season was won by Cal Weathers. After Doc Hudson's death in 2009,[2] the Piston Cup renamed the Hudson Hornet Piston Cup, in his honor, and McQueen's team was left without a crew chief. Immediately, following the 2010 season, McQueen was invited to compete in the World Grand Prix. From 2010 to 2011, the Hudson Hornet Piston Cup was renamed back to "Piston Cup", and the logo changed as well. Also, in 2015, Brick Yardley had two wins. Somewhere in those years certain racers, seen in 2005, retired, leaving McQueen one of the oldest racers who was still competing in the series.

2016 season

Bobby Swift, Cal Weathers and Lightning McQueen.

The season starts out with McQueen, Bobby Swift, and Cal Weathers winning races and having a good time.

At the Dinoco Light 350 in the Motor Speedway of the South, Lightning won the race. In the next race at Rocker Arms International, McQueen and Cal both went for first place at last lap with Cal being the winner. The Georgia Motor Speedway race was won by McQueen.

Jackson Storm and Harvey Rodcap

At the Dinoco 400 at Copper Canyon Speedway, McQueen was in the lead with Bobby second and Cal third, but all three were beaten by rookie Jackson Storm. Storm also won the next races at the Motor Speedway of the South, Grandol Oil Co. Raceway, BnL Raceway, and Rustbelt Raceway. After the last one, Cal Weathers retired from the sport, racing by the tip of his uncle, and many other veteran racers leave the sport too, leaving only a handful remaining.

Before the race at Los Angeles International Speedway, Bobby Swift retired too. After the race's start, McQueen started to overtake others and even catch Storm on last laps. When they both came in to pit, McQueen's pit stop was faster than Storm's, and Lightning took the lead. Jackson quickly caught up with Lightning and took the lead. Following Storm's words of McQueen possibly retiring, McQueen slowed down and was overtaken by Daniel Swervez and Chase Racelott, losing two positions.

McQueen's crash.

McQueen tried to catch Storm and the others, but he lost control and was sent into a roll which left him unable to compete. Lightning was hospitalized, while Storm proceeded to win the race and become the 2016 Piston Cup champion.

2017 season

Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm

Four months later, McQueen and Cruz Ramirez were practicing and getting McQueen into shape with the goal of beating Storm at the Florida 500 at the Florida International Super Speedway. Lightning missed all qualification sessions, and because of this, he would start dead last. The first time after Doc's death, McQueen had a crew chief, Smokey, former crew chief of Doc. After the race's start, McQueen quickly began overtaking others and made steady progress through the ranks.

In the middle of the race, the new owner of Rust-eze, Sterling, said to Cruz that she should train racers instead of watching the race. Lightning heard that on the team radio and remembered that Cruz dreamed to be a racer. McQueen forgot about the race and did not notice a big accident in front of him. He perormed every move and continued the race. When all racers were called back to the pits, McQueen said that Cruz Ramirez should come back.

Cruz as Racer number 51

McQueen asked Guido to change her tires, Fillmore to refuel and Ramone to repaint her. After that, he had a surprised Cruz take his place. Later, Lightning became her crew chief. Using tactics she learned while practicing with Lightning, Ramirez was able to overcome other racers, and even caught up with Jackson Storm. He attempted to distract her from winning and went as far as pushing her against the wall when she tried to pass him. Cruz performed a flip over Storm, as Doc Hudson done in the 1950s, and won the race. Officially, McQueen won the race too, because Lightning and Cruz raced with the same numbers. After the race, she signed with Dinoco, with McQueen as her crew chief, and chose number 51 as a tribute to the Hudson Hornet. Cruz continued to win races in the rest of the season.


Old Piston Cup logo.

The Piston Cup races are big events sponsored by lots of trademarks and covered by the Racing Sports Network (RSN), which creates live televised broadcasts, in addition to providing other media coverage. Modern races take place at huge racing stadiums, which traditionally have oval-shaped tracks, although the shape may slightly vary from track to track, such as at the Los Angeles International Speedway.

A Piston Cup championship consists of various races where the competitors earn points in relation to their placement in the final rankings of the event. At the end of the season, the car with the most points wins the championship and receives a Piston Cup trophy, as well as sponsorship from Dinoco, a fuel brand closely associated with the Piston Cup series.

Races can vary from seven to 500 laps. Each competitor has a team of pitties, a crew chief and a hauler, which are sponsored, and may help the racer by giving advice via headsets, and by providing fuel and tire changes during pit stops.


Image Name Description
BnL Speedway.png
BnL Raceway A standard race track.
Chadrlotte Springs Speedway.jpg
Charlotte Springs Speedway A standard race track.
DataShift Raceway A standard race track.
Copper Canyon A standard race track.
Florida 500.png
Florida International Super Speedway A next-generation race track located in Florida
Georgia Motor Speedway.jpeg
Georgia Motor Speedway A standard track supported by Mood Springs.
Grandol Oil Co. Raceway A standard race track supported by Grandol Oil Co..
Chick Hicks congratulating Jackson Storm in his win.png
Heartland Motor Speedway A standard race track.
LA Speedway 4.jpg
Los Angeles International Speedway A large stadium located in Los Angeles, California. The track has two straightaways of the different lengths; the first perfectly straight, with the second having a slight curve.
MSS - Cars 1.png
Motor Speedway of the South A large, ovular stadium located in Motor City. Piston Cup events held here often take place when the sky is dark, and because of this, the track is surrounded by lights.
Rocker Arms International -2.png
Rocker Arms International A standard race track.
Rustbelt Raceway A standard race track.
Rayo Mcqueen -8.png
Thomasville Speedway A now-abandoned stadium with a dirt track.

List of racers

See also: List of racers by driver number


Number Image Name Sponsor(s) Years Championships
? Slide Powers ? 1949-1955
? Kurt Shiftright ? 1950s-1960s
? Kraig Shiftright ? 1970s-1980s 1978, 1979
? Klint Shiftright ? 1980s-1990s 1991, 1992, 1993
? Darrel Draggered ? 1990s-2005
Gus O'Line ? 1950s-1960s
? Dash Rallyman ? 1990s-2005
? Buck Schooner ? 1990s-2005
? Spyder Dangerford ? 1980s-1990s
Jimmy Cables00.jpg
Jimmy Cables Intersection 2009-2016
01 Sammysmelter.png Sammy Smelter Rust-eze 1977-2004
4 Rusty Cornfuel.png Rusty Cornfuel Tow Cap 1991-2005
Jack DePost4.jpg
Jack DePost Tow Cap 2006-2016
Lane locke5.png
Lane Locke SynerG 2008-2016
Markus Krankzler Artwork.png
Markus Krankzler Transberry Juice 2012-2016
8 Dale earnhardt, jr.png Dale Earnhardt, Junior Dale Earnhardt Inc. 2000-2010s
Levi Mitchan Kirby Farm Implement & Supply Co.

Junior's Body Repair Bowling Green

Unknown 1950s-1970s
11 JMoon.png Junior Moon 1950s-1960s
11 Mario andretti.png Mario Andretti


Chip gearingssssss.png
Chip Gearings Combustr 2008-2016
Unknown Fireball Beach Fire Department 1950s-1960s
Carl Clutchen Easy Idle 2012-2016
Robinson Southern Gold

Make Way

Darrel Cartrip.png
Darrell Cartrip 1977-1999 1981, 1982, 1985
Bobby Swift Octane Gain 2006-2016
Speedy Comet Blinkr 2008-2016
Sammy 1950s-1960s 1954
24 Brick yardley.png Brick Yardley Vitoline 2007-2016
26 26 Racer.png Unknown Arrow 1950s-1960s
28 Aiken Axler.png Aiken Axler Nitroade 2003-2010
Phil Tankson Nitroade 2011-2016
Unknown 1950s-1960s
Terry Kargas TripleDent 2000-2001, 2008-2016
33 Chuck Armstrong.png Chuck Armstrong Mood Springs 1989-2007
Dud throttleman33.png
Dud Throttleman Mood Springs 2008-2016
34 RiverScottCars3Artwork.jpg River Scott 1950s-1960s
IMG 3092.jpg
Dirkson D'Agostino Trunk Fresh 1997-2016
35 Kevin Racingtire.png Kevin Racingtire Shifty Drug


36 Eugene Carbureski.png Eugene Carbureski Tank Coat 1983-2007
Reb Meeker Tank Coat 2008-2017
39 Ryan Shields.png Ryan Shields View Zeen 1994-2007
39 Buck.png Buck Bearingly View Zeen 2008-2016
41 41racer.png Unknown 1950s-1960s
42 CalWeathersCars3Artwork.jpg Cal Weathers Dinoco 2006-2016 2007,2010,2013
43 The king.png Strip Weathers Dinoco 1970-2005 1976,1980,1984,1988,1994,1998,2001
T G Castlenut48.jpg
T.G. Castlenut Re-Volting 2008-2016
51 DocRacing.png Hudson Hornet Twin-H-Power 1951-1954 1951, 1952, 1953
51 Ruby Easy Oaks.png Ruby Oaks Easy Idle 1988-2011
52 Claude Scruggs-0.png Claude Scruggs Leak Less 1980-2008
Brian Spark Leak Less 2009-2017
54 Johnny Blamer.png Johnny Blamer Faux Wheel Drive 1995-2005
Tommy Highbanks Faux Wheel Drive 2006-2016
56 BrushCurberpromo.png Brush Curber Fiber Fuel 1992-2008
58 Billy Oilchanger.png Billy Oilchanger Octane Gain 1990-2005
61 James Cleanair.png James Cleanair Vitoline 1979-2006
63 Lee Revkins.png Lee Revkins Transberry Juice


64 220px-Winford Bradford Rutherford.png Winford Bradford Rutherford RPM 1999-2011   
Bruce Miller RPM 2012-2016
"Slim" Hood 1950s-1960s
Carbon Cyber 2009-2016
68 Manny Flywheel.png Manny Flywheel N20 Cola 1998-2007
Parker Brakeston N2O Cola 2008-2016
Floyd Mulvihill Gasprin           2005-2016
73 Misti Motorkross.png Misti Motorkrass Rev-N-Go 1980-2009
Bandicam 2018-07-08 16-38-14-334.jpg
Unknown Rev-N-Go 2010-2017
74 Slider Petrolski.png Slider Petrolski Sidewall Shine 1999-2011
76 Crusty Rotor.png Crusty Rotor Vinyl Toupee 1986-2007
Rev Roadages Vinyl Toupee 2008-2017
79 Haul Inngas.png Haul Inngas Retread 1991-2009         1990s
80 Sage VanDerSpin.png Sage VanDerSpin Gask-its 2004-2007
Rex Revlergaskits.jpg
Rex Revler Gask-its 2008-2016
Darren Leadfoot Shiny Wax 2003-2017
Guzzler Lucky's Bar & Grill

The Radicals Car Club Motor Oil Clint's Bait & Tackle

84 Davey Apex.png Davey Apex Re-Volting 1998-2007
84 Mac iCar.png Mac iCar Apple, Inc. 1999-2009
Apple, Inc. 2010-2016
86 Chick Hicks.png Chick Hicks HtB


Bandicam 2018-07-09 13-32-56-646.jpg
Rusty Dipstick 1950s-1960s
Ponchy Wipeout.png
Ponchy Wipeout Bumper Save 1998-2017
91 91racer.png Randy Lawson 1950s-1960s
Murray Clutchburn Sputter Stop 1985-2017
Ernie Gearson                          Spare Mint 1978-2016
94 Louise Nash.png Louise Nash 1950s-1960s
95 LightningMcQueenCars3.png Lightning McQueen Smell Swell (former)



101 Greg Candyman.png Greg Candyman Tach-O-Mint 1982-2007
Ralph Carlow Lil' Torquey Pistons 2000-2017
121 Kevin Shiftright.png Kevin Shiftright Clutch Aid 2001-2012
Dino Draftsky Clutch Aid 2013-2017
Todd Marcus.png
Todd Marcus No Stall 2003-2016
300 Rvltng.jpg Leroy Heming Re-Volting

Faraday Valley Dealers



Number Image Name Sponsor(s) Years Championships
Flip dover00.png
Flip Dover Intersection 2016-present
2.0 JacksonStormCars3Artwork.png Jackson Storm IGNTR 2016-present 2016
J.d. mcpillartowcap4.png
J.D. McPillar Tow Cap 2016-present
Spikey Fillups SynerG 2016-present
6 Bubba wheelhouse.png Bubba Wheelhouse, Jr. Transberry Juice 2016-present
Adolf Bumpler (His legal name)wrong.jpg
Unknown Combustr 2016-present
Next-Gen Easy Idle-0.png
Harvey Rodcap Easy Idle 2016- present
19 Daniel swervez.png Daniel Swervez Octane Gain 2016- present
21 Ryan inside laney (1).png Ryan Laney Blinkr 2016-present
24 Chase racelott.png Chase Racelott Vitoline 2016-present
Treadless, Tim2-0.jpg
Tim Treadless Nitroade 2016-present
Cam Spinner TripleDent 2016-present
33 Garfield.png Ed Truncan Mood Springs 2016-present
34 34Racer.png Steve LaPage Trunk Fresh 2016-present
Rich Mixon Tank Coat 2017-present
Michael Rotor View Zeen 2017-present
Aaron clockernextgen.png
Aaron Clocker Re-Volting 2016-present
(formerly 95)
Cruz sponsorowana przez Dinoco.png Cruz Ramirez Rust-eze (former)
2017-present 2017
52 Leak.png Unknown Leak Less 2017-present
Herb Curbler Faux Wheel Drive 2016-present
Barry DePedal RPM 2016-present
Unknown Carbon Cyber 2016-present
H.J. Hollis N2O Cola 2016-present
70 Gas.png Richie Gunzit Gasprin 2016-present
Unknown Rev-N-Go 2017-present
Unknown Vinyl Toupee 2017-present
Unknown Gask-its 2016-present
Conrad Camber Shiny Wax 2017-present
J.P.Drive new artwork84.png
J.P. Drive Apple, Inc. 2016-present
Paul Conrev Bumper Save 2017-present
Sheldon Shifter Sputter Stop 2017-present
Unknown Spare Mint 2016-present
Brandon Martinez (2)wow.jpg
Eric Braker Lil' Torquey Pistons 2017-present
121 AdamCrash.jpeg Unknown Clutch Aid 2017-present
Unknown No Stall 2016-present

List of champions


2005 (2013-2016)

2005, 2013-2016 (Alternate)




  • The Piston Cup is based on the real world Winston Cup, awarded to NASCAR champions from 1971 to 2003. In 2004, however, NASCAR severed relations with Winston and the award became the Nextel Cup, quickly changing to the Sprint Cup after Sprint bought out Nextel. Incidentally, the Hudson Hornet competed in the Grand National era of 1950 to 1970. Title sponsorship with Sprint ended after 2016, merging with Monster Energy to create a new title, the "Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series", starting in 2017. Before 1950, in 1949 there was "Strictly stock".
  • In real life, contemporary NASCAR vehicles would not be able to compete against vehicles of the Grand National era. This is because modern NASCAR vehicles are spec, racing-built sedans with sophisticated racing technology whereas Grand National era cars are modified production cars. Today's NASCAR sedans would greatly outperform the stock cars of the Grand National era. Also, NASCAR safety technology has dramatically evolved since the Grand National era and thus drivers of such vehicles would be at a greater safety risk than those driving today's NASCAR sedans.

Notes and references

  1. These statistics can be found in descriptions of Hudson's racing history at Cars Land in California.
  2. Concept art (image)
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