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Pit Crew Chick
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Pit Crew Chick[1] is one of Chick Hicks' pit crew members. He appears in Cars: Race-O-Rama, in which he is a playable character who can be unlocked once a certain amount of bonus points are collected. In story mode, he appears as a racing opponent in all Guido Kart competitions.

General information

Physical description

Pit Crew Chick is a stout, wide Nemomatic forklift that shares his make model with several other pitties in the series, such as Not Chuck, Luke Pettlework, Pit Crew Hudson, Pit Crew Motorco, Easy Idle Pitty, and several other unnamed pitties from the Cars series. He is painted in a dark shade of green livery, with grey forlift arms and the HTB logo on his doors and cap.

Personality and traits

Pit Crew Chick is incredibly rude, often shouting insults and trashtalk at other racers, much like Chick Hicks and his affiliates.



  • "You stupid idiot!" - Cars: Race-O-Rama
  • "Hey!" - Cars: Race-O-Rama
  • "Aw, no!" - Cars: Race-O-Rama

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Pit Crew Chick Pit Crew Chick


  • Several unnamed pitties appear on Chick's pit crew in Cars. It is unknown whether or not Pit Crew Chick is one of these characters.

Notes and references

  1. This is the name given in the Cars: Race-O-Rama game files. He is not officially named in-game.
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