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The Planes is a franchise of movies, short films, video games, and more that was created by Disney in 2013, and serves as a spin-off series of the Cars series.

Main installments

Image Name Release date(s) Description
PLANES FILM VertPoster 550 11.jpg
Planes August 9, 2013 Dusty Crophopper has always had a dream of being a racing plane - however, his hopes of being one are always shot down by others, who believe he is no more than a crop duster. However, after receiving instruction from the grumpy flight instructor Skipper Riley, Dusty manages to compete in the Wings Around the Globe rally, although there are many who still mock him, including cocky champion Ripslinger. Dusty makes several new friends as he proves that he can be a racing plane regardless of his specifications and size.
Planes: The Video Game August 6, 2013 Though the game was released before the release of Planes, this video game takes place after the film. In the game, players can compete in a variety of missions while playing as their favorite characters, as well as compete in races, hunt down and shoot balloons, and freely roam the game's landscapes.
Planes fire rescue poster.jpg
Planes: Fire & Rescue July 18, 2014 After WATG veteran Dusty Crophopper damages his gearbox, he is faced with the threat of never being able to race again. After accidentally causing a fire, Dusty decides to begin training to become a firefighter, and travels to Piston Peak National Park to practice with a gang of wildfire experts called the Piston Peak Air Attack team, led by former television star Blade Ranger. Dusty makes an array of new allies while fighting to protect the park from the danger of wildfires.
ccenter Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular November 4, 2014 Leadbottom hosts an event titled the Vitaminamulch Air Spectacular to promote his product, Vitaminamulch, after receiving criticism. However, the two daredevils that were scheduled to perform are unable to attend the event, so Dusty and Chug instead fill in for them.
Planes: Fire & Rescue: The Video Game November 4, 2014 In this video game based on Planes: Fire & Rescue, players can control planes, helicopters, and ground vehicles as they fight to protect Piston Peak National Park and other locations from wildfires. Players can play story missions, as well as participate in training missions to improve their skill.

Other installments

There have also been a variety of books and comics released, that are based on the Planes series. For a full list of books, see here. For a full list of comics, see here.

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