Professor Z's EMP weapon
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To make allinol explode

First appearance

Cars 2

Latest appearance

Cars 2

The EMP weapon was an electromagnetic pulse emitter disguised as a TV camera that appears in Cars 2. It is extremely dangerous because when used on cars using allinol, it causes the fuel to boil, expand and eventually explode, and can also destroy the car, if the weapon is set on 100% power.


The EMP generator was first seen on the oil rig, being shown to Professor Z. It was also first tested on Rod "Torque" Redline, after he was given allinol. This blew Rod's engine into flames and his body is exploded into bits and pieces, obliterating him in the process. Grem and Acer later used it in the Tokyo, Porto Corsa and London races. After the flameout of five cars, race fans thought allinol was bad and gave up on it, much to the lemons' happiness. The camera was later used on Lightning McQueen, but the pulse failed due to Sarge switching out his fuel.


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