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Pyotr Racinov
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""Welcome, I am so happy that you come to visit me here in Russia but, there is much to see.""
—'Pyotr Racinov', Cars: Fast as Lightning, [[{{{3}}}]]

Pyotr Racinov is a Russian racer exclusive to Cars: Fast as Lightning. He was added in the 1.2.0 version of Cars: Fast as Lightning. 800 gems are required to unlock him, and he has a building called "Pyotr's Pit".


Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, Pyotr was added in the 1.2.0 version of the game for the ICE update. His track is located in Russia, his home country.

Physical Description

Pyotr is a Mercedes-Benz AMG DTM, being the same model as Max Schnell. He is painted in Russia's flag, with blue on his front and spoiler, red on the middle, and white at the back. On his sides, he has a white square with the racing number 14. He also has a star on his hood that is colored in the pattern of Russia's flag.

Paint Jobs

Image Paint job Video game
Max11111.png Russian Star Cars: Fast as Lightning
Max22222.png ICE Cars: Fast as Lightning


""The race starts and I say Goodbye!""
Line 1, [[{{{3}}}]]
"I will leave you in a cloud of my exhaust!""
Line 2, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Do you need me?""
Line 3, [[{{{3}}}]]
"The race starts and I say: До Свидания.""
Line 4, [[{{{3}}}]]
"Some upgrades will suit me very well.""
Line 5, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Привет comrade!""
Line 6, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Soon I will see you at the finish line.""
Line 7, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Get ready for a whole new ME.""
Line 8, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Hello comrade!""
Line 9, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Get ready for a whole new Russian racer!""
Line 10, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Yes, I think I'll have fun here.""
Line 11, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Let us see what we can do, yes?""
Line 12, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Until next time!""
Line 13, [[{{{3}}}]]
""До Свидания.""
Line 14, [[{{{3}}}]]


Names in Other Languages

  • Russian: Пётр Гонкин (transcription: Pyotr Gonkin)


  • He is the only character who debuted in Cars: Fast as Lightning.
  • Just like Vitaly Petrov, his paint job of the Russian flag is inaccurate where the blue is in front while the red is in the middle and the white is on the back just like on Petrov's.
    • This is a coincidence since both are from Russia.
  • It is also possible that Pyotr might've been made to be a replacement for Vitaly Petrov for the ICE update for the game due to copyright issues with the actual Vitaly Petrov.
  • His main artwork is a flipped version of one of Max Schnell's promotional artwork for Cars 2.
  • On a promotional image for the ICE update Pyotr's ICE artwork is a recoloring for Vitaly Petrov's artwork.
  • Pyotr has the same number (14) as Memo Rojas, Jr.
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