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Racer 57 is a character that only appears in the teaser trailer of the upcoming 2006 Cars film. He is the early design of Lightning McQueen.


Racer 57 competes in a race at Charlotte Springs Speedway at North Carolina along with other aggressive racers. He is at first leading the race. After Racer 65 takes a pit stop, Racer 57 continues to lead. Sometime later, Racer 52 gains the lead though he later spins out allowing Racer 13 to take the lead. As the race continues, Racer 57 begins to overtake Racer 13 causing them to bash each other while racing towards the finish line. Racer 57 eventually overpowers Racer 13 and reaches the finish line, jumping as he celebrates his victory. The whole race footage was shown in a drive in cinema that was watched by Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater themselves.

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