Racing Rivals is a book.


Lightning has returned from his latest Piston Cup season, and he, Sally, and Mater are celebrating, only to be interrupted by the television, in which Francesco Bernoulli is bragging on. Mater calls the show to defend Lightning, but Mater is offended by Francesco and Lightning accepts his challenge of a race. At the first race in Japan, Francesco beats Lightning due to Mater talking gibberish on Lightning's mic. McQueen kicks Mater off his team, but during the trip to Italy he begins to regret his decision. After talking to Luigi's uncle, McQueen realizes that he shouldn't have upset his best friend.

The book also includes some scenes not seen in the movie. Wanting some time alone after dark, McQueen wanders the countryside, missing Mater and Sally. He finds a dirt road that reminds him of Willy's Butte and spins into a ditch. Uncle Topolino helps him out, denting him in the process. McQueen dismisses the damage, saying, "dents mean we're friends." Later, while practicing for the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, Francesco earns his own dent falling into the ditch at Willy's Butte. Mater is thrilled, saying this must make them all friends now.



  • This book is based on a portion of the events in Cars 2.
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