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1950s logo.


2005 logo, however it is still used in 2017 in the cameras.


2010 logo.


2017 logo

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Logo as seen on Cars 3: Driven to Win

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Logo as seen on Chick Hicks

RSN (Racing Sports Network), formerly known as WRSN-TV in the 1950s, is a sports channel that covers motoring events from the famous Piston Cup, to international championships like the World Grand Prix and the Wings Around the Globe air race. It is responsible for newscasting almost every race in the Cars and Planes films.


RSN started in the late 1940s' in the name "WRSN-TV 12: Racing Sports Network". It always filming the racing in 1950s. It appeared when Leroy Heming tried to push Doc Hudson to the wall. There is nothing more known about it from 1950s-2000s. In 2005, it filmed the tiebreaker race and the Piston Cup. In Cars 2, it came back with a new logo. In Cars 3, it came back with a new "modern" logo.

RSN workers

Commentators and reporters



  • RSN seems to parody actual sports channels like Speed and ESPN.
  • RSN’s callsign is WRSN, as seen on the 1950s Hudson Horner race. However, it is unknown if that callsign is still today.


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