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Racing Sports Network (RSN), formerly known as World Racing Sports Network TV (WRSN-TV) in the 1950s, is a sports channel that covers motoring events from the famous Piston Cup, to international championships like the World Grand Prix and the Wings Around the Globe air race. It is responsible for newscasting almost every race in the Cars and Planes films.


RSN started in the late 1940s' in the name WRSN-TV 12: Racing Sports Networ. It always filming the racing in 1950s.

RSN Workers

Commentators and Reporters



  • RSN seems to parody actual sports channels like Speed Fox Sports 1 NBC Sports CBS Sports TNN Sports and ESPN.
  • The concept name was RNN. (1999-2005)
  • In Cars 2, there is a RSN cameramen pitty. They can be briefly seen during the start of the Tokyo broadcast.
  • In Cars 2: The Video Game (DS), there is a RSN racer.
  • one of the first name of "RSN" was: "KCAR - Race Radio"


Names in other languages

  • Polish: TV Gnam