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Radiator Springs Curios is an Activity in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


(Lightning McQueen drives over to Lizzie's Curio Shop.)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey, Lizzie. What are you up to?"
Lizzie: "Oh, I'm just sitting around, watching the paint dry. And it's dry. Hmm, that was nice. Now what can I do for you?"
Lightning McQueen: "Well, I'm looking for some fun stuff to hang up in my new racing headquarters."
Lizzie: "Well, you've come to the right place. I've got a whole building filled with stuff! Come on 'round the back and let's see what we've got."
(They drive to the side of the shop.)
Lizzie: "Okay. Uh, you need to help me out. I tend to forget where I put things."
Lightning McQueen: "I'll do my best."


Before you press Start, try to remember where everything is hanging on the wall at Lizzie's Curio Shop.

Press the mouse button to drag each item back up to the wall and place it in its original spot.

Some of Lizzie's items are almost the same size and might fit in more than one spot, so be sure to memorize where everything was hanging.

Legends Races

When you win this event, you unlock the Legends Race secret for Lizzie.

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