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Radiator Springs GP
Event Information

Road Race


Flo's V8 Cafe


Finish Smasherville International Speedway


1st place - 5 trophies
2nd place - 3 trophies
3rd place - 2 trophies


Tailfin Pass GP

Not to be confused with the Radiator Springs Grand Prix at the beginning of the game.

Radiator Springs Grand Prix is an event in Cars: The Video Game.

Event Information

There is 2 laps, and the contestants are Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Fletcher, El Guapo, and Gerald. You will receive 5 trophies for placing first, 3 trophies for placing second, and 2 trophies for placing third.


The race starts out on the main road, and turns left into Fillmore's Nature Preserve. Once you get through the nature preserve, you go through the Drive-In Theatre, through the compound, around Willy's Butte, and into Sarge's Compound.


  • Chick Hicks will always appear as an opponent in this race in Arcade mode, unless the player is racing as him, in which he will appear as the racer the player is driving as.
  • Even though the Delinquent Road Hazards are normally restricted to races in Tailfin Pass, they may sometimes appear as opponents in this race in Arcade mode.
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