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The Radiator Springs Grand Prix in Cars 2 was a racing event organized by the Radiator Spring citizens after the WGP disaster. All the 11 World Grand Prix racers raced in a new track in Ornament Valley. In Cars 2, the race appears at the end, when Sheriff, as a pace car, is preparing the race. After Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell allowed Mater to keep his rockets, he was able to join the race.

The Circuit

The circuit passes into various places in the Ornament Valley. The track starts and finishes on Radiator Springs's main road downtown. Then there are turns next to the Stanley statue and a pass to Willy's Butte Circuit. There are other turns, which are not seen in the movie. Most of the track was on a road that seemed like Route 66, but there was a dirt section at Willy's Butte.


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