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Ramone's House of Body Art is a building and shop in Radiator Springs. It is owned by Ramone, who paints, adds decals to and repairs the cars. In Cars 2, it is seen that Ramone's House of Body Art has also became a clinic after Doc passed away, and his clinic became a museum.

Appearances in the video games

Ramone's House of Body Art in The World of Cars Online.

It appeared in The World of Cars Online as a sub-location in Downtown Radiator Springs. Players could customise there their cars buying pain jobs, costumes, outfits, lights and hood ornaments as well as chaining the shape of the body. It was also place where players could access Ramone's Paint Blaster minigame.


  • The building was inspired by the 1936 U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas.
  • The original name planed for the building was: "Ramone Impalas".