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Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble
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Ramone's House of Body Art


18 total Bolt Banners


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Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble is a minigame in Cars: Mater-National Championship. Completing all seven levels will award the player with a sticker.


The game plays similar to Dance Dance Revolution, as it uses the concept of pressing the correct buttons in time with the rhythm. The more that the player gets correct, the higher the multiplyer will go, which mulitplies the score depending on what number it is at. If the player gets too many beats that are wrong, the game will end. The player wins when they successfully complete the song.

What beats come on what levels depends on what difficulty the player is playing on. On Champion difficulty, all four of the different beats will come on every single level.

In-game description

  • Press the buttons in time with the music
  • The more you get in a row, the more your character dances
  • Time your presses carefully for special bonuses!


Level Song Bolt Banners acquired
Rhythmic Rumble #1 Radiator Springs Theme 1
Rhythmic Rumble #2 High Speed Heist 1
Rhythmic Rumble #3 Rooster Tails 2
Rhythmic Rumble #4 One More Chicken 2
Rhythmic Rumble #5 Rooster Tails (Latin Rock Version) 3
Rhythmic Rumble #6 Salsa 4
Rhythmic Rumble #7 Juegala Fria 5




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