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Logo of the Redhood Valley.

Redhood Vally was an area in Tailfin Pass located between Radiator Springs and Wheel Well Circuit.

Appearances in the video games

A camping site in Redhood Valley, in The World of Cars Online.

It appeared as one of 5 areas in The World of Cars Online video game.

Redhood Valley was the fifth area to be opened in the game. It was released in July 2010 after the event which trapped there Sally Carrera. During the event players helped clear the rocks from the road connecting the area with Downtown Radiator Springs to rescue Sally. After the end, area was opened to the public with Party with Sally that mend to celebrate successful efforts of rescuing Sally.

Redhood Valley was area full of tall pine trees, streams and ponds including Lake Floaty. Across the area there were a lot of camping spots with campfires, cones and tents that players could drive into. A couple of skipping rocks could be found throughout the trails. A campfire bigger than others was located on the south. Players could use their Fizzy Fuels on it making it light up, increase in size and absorb the colour of the fizzy fuel that was used on it. On the northwest there was unfinished bridge connecting the Redhood Valley to the tunnel going to Tired Flats. There was once race track known as Twistin' Tailfin Trails that was a small and very curvy.

Red could be found roaming around in the Redhood Valley. When the area was open during an event of rescuing Sally, she and Lightning McQueen could be seen roaming around together. Boost, DJ, Wingo and Snot Rod could be find in the area for some time.



  • Originally during Open Beta in the 2010 the area was called Tailfin Pass.
  • Unfinished bridge on the northwest connecting to never realised area of Wheel Well had a glitch allowing players to cross it at some times. It also could have been glitched in other ways to allow players to get on the other side. It that would happened Sheriff could have shown up to control the situation, rarely with assistance of Tow Mater.