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Rich Mixon
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Jeremy Maxwell

""I'm here, you're here, let's go!""
—'Rich Mixon', Cars 3: Driven to Win, [[{{{3}}}]]

Rich Mixon is a next-generation Piston Cup racer. He entered the Piston Cup in the beginning of the 2017 season, replacing Reb Meeker as the Next-Gen Tank Coat racer. He is a Next-Gen 2017 Race Car SA-3.


Cars 3

In Cars 3, Rich makes his Piston Cup debut in the 2017 season, becoming the Tank Coat racer after replacing Reb Meeker. He competes against the likes of next-generation front-runner Jackson Storm, and long-time champion Lightning McQueen, though the latter struggles against Rich and the other next-generation racers. In the Florida 500, he starts in 32nd place. Later, he is involved in the wreck caused be Cam Spinner after hitting George New-Win. He is the first racer to be imagined as a tractor by Cruz Ramirez during the race. He finishes in 26th place.

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Rich is an unlockable playable character in Cars 3: Driven to Win. He is unlocked by completing 85 skill checks.





  • Rich Mixon's name is a referance to the thirty-seventh president of the United States, Richard Nixon.
  • In Under the Hood: The Next-Generation Racers, Rich is mistakenly called Eugene Carbureski, the original Tank Coat racer from the first film.
  • In Cars 3: Driven to win his eyes are green, but in the movie his eyes are blue.
  • He is the only racer in the movie to have both a known voice and to have his number inherited from his first movie counterpart.
  • He is incorrectly listed as "Tim Treadless" on his Endurance Racers die-cast release.
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