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Riley is the reserve driver for the RPM team. He raced for the 2006 Piston Cup. He drove in place of Winford Bradford Rutherford. He bears racing #64 (#84 in all other versions of the video game).


Number 84, Riley, is the secondary racer for the RPM team. Riley can place in various positions in the Piston Cup series, vaying by which race he is in. He will place as high as 4th in Sun Valley International Raceway and Smasherville International Speedway, but will only place about 11th in the other races. He usually gets a little grumpy when you pass him (although he will only have a voice in Sun Valley and Smasherville).


Riley is painted in the RPM team colors, yellow and blue, with the RPM logo on his hood. He has the number 84 painted on his doors, along with several stickers that have different sponsor logos on them.


Riley is a 2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR.


Riley is the reserve driver for the RPM team, racing for Winford Bradford Rutherford when he is sick or away.


Video Games


  • In the Xbox version of Cars: The Video Game, he has his number changed to 64, the same number as Winford.
  • Riley, along with Aikens and Guenther, do not appear in the race Motor Speedway of the South, due to the race having doubles of Lee Jr., Suregrip and Hollister. This does not happen in the Wii version of the game, however.


  • "He, he, heh, Outta the way, pal!"
  • "Come on, buddy, let the real cars race!"
  • "Better luck next time!"
  • "Heh, you call yourself a race car."
  • "Hold on here!"
  • "Someone's gonna pay!"
  • "No fair!"


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