Runway Mater was planned to be a Cars Toons episode, but it was series.


It starts with Mater looking at a magazine. Then Lightning McQueen arrives and asks Mater what he was doing. Mater tells Lightning that he was thinking about the time when he was a fashion runaway model, but Lightning doesn't believe him. Mater starts his story:

Mater was at Flo's V8 Cafe, drinking some oil, when a French kind of pitty wearing a buret comes. The pitty sees Mater, and he likes how he looks, so he asks Mater if he would like to be an internationally-famous model, and Mater says "Sure!".

First, Mater started modeling on tires. He tried on monster truck tires, steam roller wheels, and those wheels that old style cars wear.

Then he hit the runaway circle. A lot of fans were there. He tried on different styles.

After that, he went to Japan, promoting all sorts of products. His face was on lots of signs. He even had his own commercial on a product called "Spark-A-Plug."

Lightning interupts his story and asked what happened. Mater said that a new model came along, but he still models.



  • In this episode, Mater didn't include Lightning in his story.
  • In Polish, it named Model.
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