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Rustbucket Grand Prix
Event Information

Road Race


In the front of the tunnel entrance near the Rustbucket Stadium


Finish Team Relay #2 and Inside the Turkey


1st place - 12 Bolt Banners


Stadium Race #2 (if 75 Bolt Banners have been gained)

Rustbucket Grand Prix is the sixth Road Race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

Racers start out on the main Ornament Valley road, and then drive straight into the Rustbucket Tunnels. There are many twists and turns throughout the first tunnel, and once out, the racers will have a short distance before entering the second one. After a few long turns, the competitors exit, and drive downhill, around a few curves, and back to the finish line.

In the PC version of the game, when in the tunnels, the graphics will be displayed in "night vision", with a green tint. However, this feature is not present in the arcade mode.

The player controls Lightning, whose opponents include Doc, Ramone, Gudmund, and Snot Rod.


Stat Amount
Racers 5
Bolt Banners 12 (1st place)
Unlocks Stadium Race #2 (if 75 Bolt Banners have been accumulated)


Before entering the second tunnel, if the player drives along the left wall, they can enter an alternate path, which will lead them up a large ramp and into a shorter tunnel.




  • Although the cutscene and endscene take place at night, the race takes place in the morning. In the PC version of the game, the cutscene takes place in the morning, although the endscene is still set during the night.
  • In the endscene, when Mater and Gudmund drive away from each other, Mater's headlight stops moving before he exits the view.
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