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Rustbucket Race #1
Event Information

Rustbucket Race


Rustbucket Stadium


Complete Stadium Race #1


1st place - 8 Bolt Banners
2nd place - 5 Bolt Banners
3rd place - 3 Bolt Banners


Rustbucket Race #2

Rustbucket Race #1 is the first Rustbucket Race and eighth overall story event in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

Racers will start on a straightaway, and then take a left turn, followed by a right turn. After this, the competitors will make another left turn, followed by going over a ramp, and into yet another left turn. Another jump will lead the racers back to the finish line. There are obstacles scattered throughout the track, such as barrels and boxes. Hitting one will cause it to go flying through the air and land at another position.

In story mode, the player controls Mater, and the opposing racers include Fred, Cletus, Zeke, Tommy Joe, and Buford.


Stat Amount
Racers 5
Bolt Banners 8 (1st place), 5 (2nd place), 3 (3rd place)
Unlocks Rustbucket Race #2


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