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Rusty Rust-Eze.png
Rusty Rust-eze
General information


  • Businessperson
  • Rust-eze co-owner (1991-2017)
Place of residence

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Dusty Rust-eze (brother)

Vehicle information

1963 Dodge Dart


Compact car

Registration number


Paint colour

Faded green

Eye colour


Series information
First appearance



Tom Magliozzi

Rusty Rust-eze is a compact car who was a businessperson that, together with his brother, Dusty Rust-eze, established Rust-eze and developed its main product, a medicated bumper ointment.


Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze at the Lightning McQueen fan meeting in 2006.

Rusty Rust-eze is a rusted compact car that, together with his brother, Dusty Rust-eze, lived in his mother's garage in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He and his brother loved telling jokes and helping other rusted cars. Because of that they developed medicated bumper ointment around 1991. They started a small company called Rust-eze, operating from their mother's garage, with their invention as a main product. It eventually grown into a household name with factories all over the country. Despite of company's success, they kept living in their mother's garage. Rusty and Dusty's mother stated that she was proud of her sons' successes but hoped their would eventually move out.

Around 2006, he and his brother searched for somebody to represent their product, organizing an open casting. Eventually, their worker, Mack, recommended racing driver Lightning McQueen. They signed contract with him and started Piston Cup racing team. McQueen's successes on the racing field gave company publicity and a fanbase focused around the racer and Rust-eze products. Through the racing season they would organize fan meetings with McQueen during which they would tell a joke to the spectators while awaiting Lightning's speech. After McQueen disappearance after the race at the Motor Speedway of the South they were confused and stated to the media that they did not know were he was.

Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze with Lightning McQueen in 2017.

Rusty and Dusty supported Lightning McQueen throughout his career. In 2017, Rust-eze accomplished record sales thanks to racer's popularity. After rise of next-generation racers, brothers acknowledged that they were not capable of providing Lightning the training and resources on the level the next-generation racers had.

Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze on vacations in 2017.

Due to that, they decided to sell their company to Sterling and retire. Following that, they came to newly developed by Sterling Rust-eze Racing Center to tell Lightning about their decision. After that they went on the vacation to the tropical beach. After company was bought from Sterling by Dinoco, brothers had shown interest in returning to company.

Physical description

Rusty Rust-eze is a 1963 Dodge Dart compact car with a rusted livery of faded dark shade of green. He has a dirty broken roof and a gray bumper. His registration number is RUST. He has brown eyes.

Official profiles

  • Rusty and his brother Dusty created a small empire out of their mother's garage in Boston. It's been over 15 years and their mother has watched their operation grow into a household name with factories all over the country. Rusty and Dusty's mother says she couldn't be more proud of her two boy's accomplishments, but hopes that their next big move will be to finally move out of her garage
  • Rusty Rust-eze and his brother, Dusty, are the kings of Rust-eze. And they will do whatever it takes to make sure that Lightning McQueen has the tools he needs to be successful on the racetrack… even if it means releasing McQueen so he can pursue his dreams.


Feature films



Deleted scenes


  • Rusty and Dusty's lines "Don't drive like my brother!" are a reference to their voice actor's common catchphrases on their talk show, Car Talk.
  • Following Tom Magliozzi's death in 2014, unused archived recordings of him from the first movie were used for Rusty's lines for Cars 3, while Ray Magliozzi reprised his role of Dusty for the the third movie despite his retirement in 2012. Additionally due to the Tom’s death Dusty speaks more then his brother Rusty in the film.
  • His registration plate number, "RUST", together with Dusty's number, "EZE", spelled their surname and name of the company they owned, Rust-eze.




Actor Roles Notes
Tom Magliozzi Cars, Top Down Truckstop
Cars 3 Archived recordings used

Other language versions

Version Actor Roles
Polish Robert Rozmus Cars, Cars 3
Russian Denis Nekrasov Cars, Cars 3

Names in other languages

  • Dutch: Klink Rust-eze
  • French: Clic Rust-eze
  • German: Kling Rust-eze
  • Polish: Czesław (Czesio) Zadoluks
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Ferrugem Rust-eze
  • Portuguese (European): Rusty Rust-eze
  • Russian: Звяк Ржавейка (transcription: Zvyak Rzhaveyka)
  • Spanish: Click Rust-eze
  • Ukrainian: Брень Іржопхан (transcription: Bren Irzhopkhan)