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Sally's Sunshine Circuit is a road race in Cars: The Video Game. It is a very short race, with few turns and little difficulty.

In story mode, the player controls Sally Carrera, with the opponents including Mia, Tia, and Flo.


The track is identical to the path followed in Radiator Springs Grand Prix, but in the opposite direction. The racers start on Main Street, and drive straight before taking a left into the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre. After driving through, the contestants take another left and proceed to drive down a straightaway alongside the fence of Sarge's Compound. There are two more simple left turns that will lead the drivers back to the finish line.


Area Statistic
Racers 4 (Story mode)
5 (Arcade mode)
Trophies 5 (1st place)
3 (2nd place)
2 (3rd place)
Events unlocked Doc's Lesson: Powerslide



  • Sally will always appear as an opponent in this race in Arcade mode, unless the player is racing as her, in which case she will not appear as a computer opponent.
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