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"Well, the road didn't cut through the land like that interstate. It moved with the land, it rose, it fell, it curved. Cars didn't drive on it to make a good time. They drove on it to have a great time."
Sally Carrera, Cars

Sally Carrera is an attorney and lawyer. She started her career working as an attorney in Los Angeles, California, she later moved to Radiator Springs, Arizona where she became the town's attorney, representing its interests in the court. She also focuses on the preserving Radiator Springs' history as well and bought and renovated the Cozy Cone Motel that she later manages. She represents Lightning McQueen as his lawyer.

Since 2005, she has been in a relationship with Lightning McQueen, a professional race car and a 7-time champion of the Piston Cup Racing Series.



McQueen meets Sally.

In Cars, during Lightning McQueen's trial for accidentally ripping up the main road of Radiator Springs, Doc Hudson is close to releasing him with no charge, much to Lightning's approval, until Sally enters. Although Lightning finds himself attracted to her, she manages to convince Hudson to sentence Lightning to community service, after giving a long lecture to Hudson and the other residents.

Before being hooked up to Bessie, Mater removes his parking boot, and watches with surprise as Lightning speeds away toward Ornament Valley. McQueen is excited at being able to escape, but it is not long before he runs out of gas, right where Sheriff and Sally are waiting. They inform him that they lowered his gas while he was unconscious in the impound lot, and he is subsequently taken back to the town to serve his sentence.

Van and Mini are greeted by the Radiator Springs townsfolk.

Later that day, two tourists named Mini and Van show up in Radiator Springs, which causes excitement to all of the shop owners, due to the rarity of such an occurrence. Sally offers assistance with navigation as well as her motel services, which the two decline and quickly leave the town.

Disgusted at the task of repaving the entire road, Lightning finds a loophole in Hudson's sentence, and quickly and carelessly finishes the road within an hour of starting. The road is of terrible quality, and when Sally scolds him, Doc deals with the situation by challenging Lightning to a race; if McQueen wins, he will leave the town with no punishment, and if Doc wins, he must rip up the new asphalt and start again.

The race takes place at the Willy's Butte oval, where Sally and the other residents of Radiator Springs watch with interest. Once the race begins, they watch in confusion as Lightning races off at an incredible speed, while Doc simply waits at the starting line. However, upon reaching the second turn, Lightning finds himself unable to turn on dirt, and goes off-road and into a cactus patch, where he is fished out by Mater and brought back to town to rip up the road.

Sally clumsily enters her motel.

When everyone in Radiator Springs wake up in the morning, they excitedly discover that a sizable section of the road has been paved neatly and beautifully, and they joyfully drive around on it. Later in the day when Lightning resumes his task, he is visited by Sally, who watches as Red repeatedly sprays Lightning with his hose. Sally then offers McQueen a room in her motel while he stays in the town, which Lightning considers. As she drives away, Lightning notices a tattoo, which Sally nervously attempts to hide, before clumsily entering the motel again.

Sally and Lightning at the Cozy Cone Motel.

That night, when Mater is put in charge of watching Lightning, the two sneak out and go Tractor Tippin' in Frank's fields. On the drive home, Lightning and Mater discuss their friendship, and Mater accuses Lightning of having a crush on Sally. She overhears them, and once Mater departs, and Lightning enters the motel room Sally had offered, she drives over and wishes him a good night.

Following Lightning's discovery that Doc was once a dirt track Piston Cup race car called the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, he races to Flo's V8 Café to inform everyone, but they do not believe him. While Lightning is getting gas, Sally arrives and asks McQueen if he wants to go for a drive. The two begin to drive up to Tailfin Pass, but it quickly turns into a race. When they reach their destination, Sally introduces him to the Wheel Well Motel, a run-down building that once served as a motel when Radiator Springs was in its prime. As the two overlook the town from a clifftop, Sally explains the town's past to him, and how it was once popular, before Interstate 40 was built and it was forgotten about.

Lightning and Sally enjoying their cruise night.

The following morning, the townspeople wake up to a completed road, with Lightning nowhere to be found. Believing he left, the townsfolk begin to feel sad, before Lightning shows up and proves them wrong. Now that he is free to go, Lightning requests service from his friends, who give him a completely new look. They celebrate by having a cruise night, where Lightning drives with Sally. However, the fun is interrupted when a stampede of Piston Cup press arrive along with Mack, and Lightning is taken away to the tie-breaker race at Los Angeles International Speedway.

Several of Lightning's friends go to the race to act as McQueen's pit crew, much to his pleasant surprise. However, Sally stays home in Radiator Springs, and she, Lizzie, and Red watch the race from a television at Flo's café. Although Lightning loses the race, his good sportsmanship towards Strip Weathers makes him the true winner in the eyes of many fans, as well as Tex Dinoco, who offers him the coveted Dinoco sponsorship.

McQueen and Sally at the Wheel Well Motel

When Sally is admiring the Wheel Well Motel one day, Lightning drives up to her with a new paint job, and informs her that he has decided to make Radiator Springs his official racing headquarters, where he will stay during the off-season. The couple are coming closer to each other, probably wanting to kiss, but then Mater comes riding on Rotor Turbosky, ruining the moment. The two then have a race back down to the town.

Cars: The Video Game

Sally in Cars: The Video Game.

In the story mode of Cars: The Video Game, Sally is one of the cars that competes in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, Lightning's dream race. When he awakes in the Cozy Cone Motel, Sally is there to greet him, who informs him that there are new cars in town that are looking to race with him, as well as that Doc is waiting for him out at Willy's Butte.

Later, when Sally drives up to McQueen wanting to go for a drive, Mia and Tia interrupt, and excitedly admire Lightning, before also requesting a drive. Sally challenges them to a friendly competition around Radiator Springs, where the winner goes on a drive with Lightning. In this event, the player takes control of Sally.

Following McQueen's third Piston Cup victory, Lightning and Sally go on the drive, to the Wheel Well Motel in Tailfin Pass, which turns out to be a race. Once the two reach the Wheel Well, they look over Radiator Springs, and reminisce about their first trip to the motel.

Sally at the character select screen in Cars: The Video Game.

In arcade mode, Sally appears as a playable character, and is unlocked from the start of the game. Her stats include 4 for speed, 5 for acceleration, 4 for handling, and 2 for stability.

Mater and the Ghostlight

In Mater and the Ghostlight, Sally listens alongside the other townsfolk as Sheriff tells the story of the Ghostlight, a spooky creature that scares Mater. Taking advantage of his fear, Lightning, Sally, and everyone else place a lamp on Mater's tow hook while he is not looking, which he believes is the Ghostlight chasing him.

The World of Cars Online

Sally in The World of Cars Online.

In The World of Cars Online, Sally appeared as a non-playable character that could be found in Radiator Springs. At one point in the game, Sally was trapped behind some rocks and the contribution of the players helped break the rocks away.

Cars Toons


Sally cures McQueen's hiccups with a kiss.

In Hiccups, after Lightning acquires a bad case of the hiccups, the townsfolk attempt to help find a cure. However, after many failed attempts, the ultimate solution is a kiss from Sally, which did the trick.

The Radiator Springs 500½

In The Radiator Springs 500½, Sally customizes herself with a 1900s look for the "Stanley Days" celebration.

Cars 2

Sally at the Wheel Well Motel in Cars 2.

In Cars 2, when Lightning returns home from his Piston Cup season, he is looking forward to a date with Sally after a long day of shenanigans with Mater. The two go on a date at the Wheel Well Motel, where Mater pretends to be a waiter, as he is jealous and feels left out. As he tries to serve their table by bringing them their "usual" drinks, the Mel Dorado Show on the television captures Mater's attention, as it is showing an interview with Francesco Bernoulli about the World Grand Prix, with Bernoulli trashtalking Lightning. Mater calls into the show to defend him, and when Lightning takes over, he is invited to join the competition, which he accepts. Sally convinces Lightning to allow Mater to join him.

McQueen and Sally at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

After Lightning scolds Mater for costing him the Tokyo race to Francesco, he leaves in shame, leaving a letter to describe his whereabouts. However, Mater gets caught up in spy business, and when Lightning phones Sally to ask about Mater, who claimed to be heading back to Radiator Springs, she is confused, and explains that he is not there. At the third World Grand Prix race in London, Sally and the other Radiator Springs residents show up, as they are concerned about Mater. During their fight with the Lemons, Sally and Red help to fight them off.

Throughout the film, Sally hints at a visible crush on Francesco Bernoulli, which makes Lightning jealous and uncomfortable. However, later in the film, when Lightning introduces Francesco to Sally - she disappoints in him. Sally roots for Lightning in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

Cars 3

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Sally in Cars 3.jpg

Sally returns in Cars 3.[1] Firstly she appears on screen in the Mack/Lightning's trailer, on a photo when McQueen leaves his trailer. Pretty much soon later she is seen to be in Lightning McQueen's pit-сrew, cheering for him.

After Jackson Storm appears and McQueen starts to lose the races - there's a lot of talk about Storm on the TV, and Sally watches one of the RSN's episode about Storm together with McQueen.

Sally still appears to cheer for Lightning on the last race of Dinoco 400 and she is horrified watching McQueen's crash, immediately coming to him to help.

After the crash, McQueen is desperate, sitting in his (earlier Doc's) garage, thinking about his future career and remembering Doc. However, 4 months later Sally manages to support McQueen and she persuaded him to continue racing.

Right before McQueen leaves to the Rust-Eze Racing Center - he and Sally are exchanging with the love-lines.

During McQueen's training trip, when McQueen calls Mater to ask him for help, Mater mentions that everyone in Radiator Springs are missing Lightning, especially Sally.

In the last race of Florida 500, Sally comes on the race again to cheer and support Lightning. Seeing Jackson Storm making fun of Cruz - it lefts Sally puzzled, and she calls him "jerk". In the end of race Sally helps Lightning in the McQueen's and Sterling argument, verifying that Lightning did his part of the deal.

In the end of the film - Sally also calls McQueen a great mentor, when they mention Cruz.

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Sally is one of the six playable characters, the other five being Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Mater, Ramone, and Guido, who are available from the start in Cars 3: Driven to Win. This is her first appearance in a Cars game since The World of Cars Online in 2009.

Pixar Popcorn

Unparalleled Parking, while some people in town are playing the game, Sally can be seen staring at them.

Dancing with the Cars, Sally first arrives at Flo's cage with Mcqueen and then finds herself dancing in the other cars.

Cars Land

Sally also appears in Cars Land. Her Cozy Cone Motel is a restaurant that serves cone-themed foods, like pop-cone, ice cream cones, cone on the cob, etc.. She also appears in Radiator Springs Racers. When riders arrive in Radiator Springs, she and Lightning welcome them to the race, and either tell the vehicle to go into Luigi's Casa Della Tires for a tire change, or Ramone's House of Body Art for a fresh new paint job.

General information

Physical description

Sally's tattoo

Sally is a 2002 996-series Porsche 911 Carrera.[2] Her engine is a rear-engine 3596 cc flat-6, having a horsepower of 320 at 6800 rpm. Her 0-60 speed is 4.9 seconds, and her top speed is 177 mph.[3]

Sally has a baby blue livery, with chrome rims and two sets of headlights on her front and back, respectively. She has a spoiler that flips up and down, which, when down, conceals a black pinstripe tattoo. The Porsche logo can be found on her hood, while the word "Carrera" is printed under her spoiler. Carrera's license plate reads "301PCE".

Personality and traits

Sally reminisces about Radiator Springs' past to Lightning McQueen.

Sally has a kind and caring personality, and cares deeply for her friends in her hometown of Radiator Springs, in addition to her immense care for the town itself. Among the residents of the town, she takes the most interest in the history of the town, and during Radiator Springs' lowest point, felt a great deal of sadness when reminicising about what the town was like prior to the construction of Interstate 40 and the removal of the area from maps. However, these feelings were nullified when Lightning McQueen declared the town his official racing headquarters, which restored the interest and attention the town once received.

Sally is disgusted, worried and upset by McQueen's lack of effort when repairing the road.

Carrera is among the more intelligent citizens of Radiator Springs, in addition to being viewed as charming by other cars, such as McQueen and Mater. Upon her entrance during McQueen's trial, she catches Lightning's attention, and he begins to flirt with her, feeling an attraction. Despite initially showing contempt and disgust towards McQueen following his destruction of Radiator Springs' main road, the two eventually form a bond, and enter a relationship following Lightning's return to Radiator Springs after the 2005 Piston Cup season's closure.

Sally occasionally shows a sense of sarcasm when speaking, a trait that was particularly noticable shortly after meeting McQueen. Otherwise, Sally speaks knowledgeably, making intelligent statements.

Powers and abilities

As Sally was once a race car, her racing abilities are significant, which are evident in some of her appearances, notably Cars: The Video Game, in which Carrera is a playable character. Her statistics suggest she has strong speed and acceleration, but her handling and stability are below average.

Behind the scenes



The idea for the script was the easiest part. On a study trip with family, friends, and colleagues, Lasseter followed historic Route 66 in the western United States. Jonas Rivera, the production chief of Cars, remembers, “We met people out on Route 66 and we’re thinking, at first, ‘What are you doing here? You’ve traveled the world. You’re educated. You speak three languages. But you run a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere.’ But then, after an hour of having dinner with this person, you think, ‘Wow, this is perfect. I’m so glad you’re here because you’re keeping it alive.’” Thus did the fictitious town of “Radiator Springs” emerge, the point of departure for the trip across the silver screen. Cars tells the story of Lightning McQueen, who is on his way to the last race of the year. On the journey to the track in California, McQueen is separated from his transport truck, “Mack,” and gets off the Interstate in Carburetor County, somewhere out in the desert of America’s great Southwest. McQueen ends up in Radiator Springs, a town that time seems to have forgotten. There, the cocky Mc- Queen meets Sally Carrera and falls in love with the racy lady. In the course of the pleasurable and high-speed love story, Sally and the other locals show McQueen that there’s more to life than just being first to the finish line… life is about the journey. Radiator Springs hadn’t seen a new car until Sally rolled into town. She had been a big-city lawyer in California but grew tired of the rat race. In Radiator Springs, she discovered a quiet community snuggled in the Southwest, where she bought and refurbished the Cozy Cone Motel. “Sally is the one modern car in town,” says Lasseter, responding to the alleged contradiction of a Porsche playing the female lead role. “She’s a Porsche 911 and she’s beautiful, beautiful,” adding, “the Porsche 911 is one of the most beautiful cars out there.” Sally’s character was inspired by a woman Lasseter and his crew met on Route 66. “Dawn Welsh is her name. She’s a young woman who moved and bought this restaurant called the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma. She was amazing. She has a young family and has moved to buy this restaurant in a small town. She’s become an institution. She just has that young energy in this town and loved being there.”


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Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "Sally grew tired of her life in the fast lane as a high-powered attorney in Los Angeles and made a new start in the small town of Radiator Springs. Charming, intelligent, and witty, she became the town attorney and the car most dedicated to preserving the town's historical beauty. She bought the Cozy Cone Motel and restored it back to its original condition and has no plans of stopping there. She'd fix the whole town building by building if that's what it took."[2]

Cars: The Video Game

  • Stats
    • Speed: 4
    • Acceleration: 5
    • Handling: 4
    • Stability: 2

Cars 2

  • Make/Model: 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera
  • Top Speed: 177 mph
  • Zero – 60 mph: 4.9 seconds
  • Engine Type: Rear-engine 3596 cc flat-6
  • Horsepower: 320 at 6800 rpm[3]


Actors Language version Roles
Bonnie Hunt English Cars, Cars: The Video Game, Mater and the Ghostlight, Cars 2, The Radiator Springs 500½, Hiccups, Cars 3
Sofie Veloz Cars 3: Driven to Win
Silina Choueiri Arabic Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Vasilka Sugareva Bulgarian Cars, Cars 2
Lin Jiaxin Chinese (China) Cars 2, Cars 3
Xu Huixian Chinese (Hong Kong) Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Lu Mingjun Chinese (Taiwan) Cars
Qian Xinyu Cars 2, Cars 3
Kateřina Brožová Czech Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Annette Heick Danish Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3,
Frédérique Huydts Dutch Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Cécile de France French Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Juliette Degenne Mater and the Ghostlight
Mélanie Laberge French (Quebec) Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Irina Saari Finnish Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Bettina Zimmermann German Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Vicky Kaya Greek Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Mia Dagan Hebrew Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Sabrina Ferilli Italian Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3,
Lee Sun Korean Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Náray Erika Hungarian Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3, Cars Toons
Keiko Toda Japanese Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Ane Dahl Torp Norwegian Cars, Cars 2
Dorota Segda Polish Cars, Cars 2,The Radiator Springs 500½, Cars 3
Vera Kolodzig Portuguese Cars, Cars 2
Alika Smekhova Russian Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Danica Todorović Serbo-Croatian Cars
Yolanda Mateos Spanish Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Beatriz Berciano Cars: The Video Game
Verónica Lozano Spanish (Argentina) Cars
Kate del Castillo Spanish (Mexico) Cars, Mater and the Ghostlight, Cars 2, Cars 3
Rosalba Sotelo The Radiator Springs 500½, Hiccups, Cars 3: Driven to Win
Malin Berghagen Swedish Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3
Olga Sumskaya Ukrainian Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3


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  • "Do you want to stay at the Cozy Cone or what?" - Cars
  • "I mean, if you do, you gotta be clean, because even here, in Hillbilly Hell, we have standards." - Cars
  • "Oh, that. You saw that?" - Cars
  • "Thank you. Thanks for everything." - Cars
  • "It was much more than that.""" - Cars
  • "Best for everyone, or best for you?" - Cars
  • "Need somewhere to stay? I've got the perfect place." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Don't you just love this town?" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "I don't live in the fast lane anymore, but I guess we can visit." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Oh. No, don't worry about me. I mean, I've got enough to do here. Mater's gonna have a blast, though." - Cars 2
  • "You're bringing Mater, right? You never bring him to any of your races." - Cars 2
  • "Just let him sit in the pits, give him a headset. Come on, it will be a thrill of a lifetime for him." - Cars 2
  • "Ah- why thank you!" - Cars 2
  • "So, he's not so good-looking." - Cars 2
  • "I'm Serious!" - Cars 2
  • (McQueen: "Wish me luck.") "You don't need it!" - Cars 2
  • (Flo: "Mm-mm that Francesco is fine looking!") "And those open wheels..." - Cars 2
  • "Go Stickers!" - Cars 2
  • (McQueen: "Love you!") "Love you more!" - Cars 3
  • "Then change it up, find something new"- Cars 3
  • "Don't fear failure! Be afraid of not having the chance - you have the chance!" - Cars 3
  • "Stickers!" - Cars 3
  • (Jackson Storm: "It's so great to meet my number one fan.") "*scoffs* What a jerk!"- Cars 3
  • "Uh Lightning wins, he decides when he's done racing, that was the deal. Hi, I'm his lawyer."
  • (McQueen: "Kid's gotta lot of stuff eh' Doc?") Well, she had a great teacher. And now you get to decide when you're done racing. So what's it gonna be, stinky... Stickers." - Cars 3
  • "Oh, it's perfect. It's very old-school." - Cars 3
  • "Trying something new. I like it." - Cars 3

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Sally Carrera Sally Carrera
Spanish Sally Carrera Sally Carrera
German Sally Carrera Sally Carrera
Hebrew סאלי קרה Sally Carrera
Russian Салли Каррера Sally Carrera


  • Sally's surname, "Carrera", is a reference to the Porsche 911 Carrera. The name was suggested by Porsche employee Howard Buck.[4]
  • During development for Cars, Sally was originally intended to be a Mustang, but the creators of the film decided on a Porsche design instead due to the more "lady-like" appearance of the grille.[5]
  • While Sally has not appeared in the video games Cars: Mater-National Championship, Cars Race-O-Rama, Cars 2: The Video Game, or Cars: Fast as Lightning, she is constantly mentioned across all four games.



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Lightning McQueenTow MaterMia and TiaNurse KoriNurse GTORescue Squad AmbulanceRescue Squad TrooperRescue Squad ChoppersOrderly PittiesRedFloSargeFillmoreAl OftJay W.Lug and NuttyBuck the Tooth VendorProps McGeeChuyBulldozersPadreGuidoSheriffBoostDJWingoKabutoIto-SanTeki and PakiKabuto's NinjasVan-SanPatokaaTokyo CranesYokozaChoKaa ReesuKyandeeManjiTansouBye Bye KarGeisha GirlsTabinuYojimboMikeSulleyChukiSukiHarumiLuigiMatorCorporal KimCaptain MunierAndy GearsdaleTractorsMrs. UFODr. Abschlepp WagenEddieRockyDexRodney the RockerFloRamoneVroomaroundus BugusI-ScreamerCaptain CollisionDr. Feel BadRasta CarianPaddy O'ConcreteDr. FrankenwagonDr. Frankenwagon's MonsterReferee PittyTormentor's Biggest FanImpala XIIIRogerBig DClydeStinkyCarmenClaudeSkipper RileySparkyFalcon HawksJudge DavisPropwash Junction BiplaneLizzieStanleySally CarreraVanMinnySandy DunesBlue GritIdle ThreatShifty SidewinderDidi 05Mike 07
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Keith FergusonLarry the Cable GuyLloyd SherrMach Tony KobayashiRobert ItoLori AlanJess HarnellKaren HuieJulia KatoElissa KnightSonoko KonishiHenry LeeDanny MannMickie McGowanBob PetersonJack AngelGeorge CarlinLindsey CollinsJohn CyganPaul EidingLaraine NewmanSteve PurcellJan RabsonMichael WallisTony ShalhoubGuido QuaroniBob ScottTorbin Xan BullockJosh CooleyAngus MacLaneCarol Bach-y-RitaJonathan AdamsStacy KeachBob BergenKatherine HelmondJohn Michael HigginsJenifer LewisPaul DooleyBonnie HuntJerome RanftJosh CooleyCheech MarinOwen WilsonWendi McLendon-CoveyAziz Ansari
John LasseterRob GibbsBobby PodestaScott MorseBobby RubioJustin WrightValerie LaPointeVictor NavoneMatthew LuhnKevin O'BrienDerek ThompsonDaniel ChongJim CapobiancoJeremy LaskyMary Alice DrummNicole Paradis Grindle
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Lightning McQueenTow MaterFinn McMissileHolley ShiftwellFrancesco BernoulliMiles AxlerodProfessor ZündappGremAcerLuigiGuidoSargeFillmoreShu TodorokiRaoul ÇaRouleJeff GorvetteMax SchnellMiguel CaminoCarla VelosoLewis HamiltonNigel GearsleyRip ClutchgoneskiJan "Flash" NilssonLong GeMark "Frosty" WinterbottomMemo Rojas, Jr.Vitaly PetrovFernando AlonsoVictor HugoVladimir TrunkovJ. Curby GremlinTubbs PacerSally CarreraSheriffRamoneFloLizzieRedMackTomberDarrell CartripBrent MustangburgerDavid HobbscapJacques VilleneuveUncle TopolinoMama TopolinoSiddeleyCrabbyStephensonTony TrihullRod "Torque" RedlineLeland TurboThe QueenPrince WheeliamSgt. HighgearSir Harley GassupMama BernoulliMel DoradoTopper Deckington IIIEverettGlobieChauncy FaresBrian FuelM. FendericksonPaul OilkleyBrett WarnewagenKingpin NobunagaPinion TanakaKimura KaizoZen MasterOkuniShigekoTamikoMei and SatsukiDaniella Muffler and Shelley ShiftTokyo Party StaffTerry GongDaisu TsashimiEdamame TsashimiMike FuseVic VanleyHaikiBob PulleyTaia DecoturaIvanOtisGalloping GeargrinderTyler GremlinPetrov TrunkovFred PacerAlexander HugoKarl HaulzemoffMuggsy LiftsomeGiuseppe MotorosiAlex MachinoMach MatsuoBruno MotoreauE. Manual ManiezJohn LassetireJeff Gorvette PittyOtto BonnMax Schnell's PittyPetro CartalinaCruz BesouroBruce BoxmannAustin LittletonBrian GearlooskiErik LaneleyCarlo MaseratiBindoSajan KariaTrent Crow-TowNat McLugnut and Michael HonkselUcchiSal MachianiDaisu TsashimiChukiFabrizioCartney BrakinCaratekaJesse HaullanderKabutoYokozaSukiHarumiChisakiIchigoNick CartoneHiroakiTakeshiYukioCartney BrakinLee RacéNate StanchionJessica GiampetrolAlex VandelOfficer MurakarmiBecky WheelinKrate Rainson-WashRukaPetey PacerJerome RampedStefan GremskyTowga GremlinTolga TrunkovDon CrumlinMarcelo and MarcoFranca and FrancescaUncle Topolino's BandFather BurkeAntonio and AngeloPope Pinion IVPopemobileJohnNancyLubewigGeartrudeLouis LaRueHenri MotisseEmmanuelAlex CarvillAlfredoTowin' EoinCeline DephareJustin PartsonJason HubkapAlexis WheelsonMary EsgocarMagen CarrarShawn KrashJonathan ShiftkoApeTrike FeldmanAlbertoCartney CarsperRonnie Del CooperDenise BeamFrank ClutchensonAlloy HembergerClutch FosterKimberly RimsCarinne CavvyColossus XXLAndy GearsdaleCorporal Josh CoolantMark WheelsenSiren CarbariniDoug SpeedcheckScott SparkMike LorengineGearett TaylorMaurice WheelksVictor PaveoneJumpstart J. WardScott MotorseManny RoadriguezStanleyMia and TiaAl OftTodd
Voice Cast
Larry the Cable GuyOwen WilsonMichael CaineEmily MortimerEddie IzzardJohn TurturroBrent MusburgerJoe MantegnaThomas KretschmannPeter JacobsonBonnie HuntDarrell WaltripFranco NeroDavid HobbsTony ShalhoubJeff GarlinMichel MichelisJason IsaacsLloyd SherrBruce CampbellJenifer LewisStanley TownsendVelibor TopicSig HansenGuido QuaroniVanessa RedgraveJohn MainieriBrad LewisCheech MarinJeff GordonLewis HamiltonPaul DooleyEdie McClurgRichard KindKatherine HelmondJohn RatzenbergerMichael WallisBarbara KottmeierPatrick WalkerJunichi KajiokaJess HarnellColleen O' ShaughnesseyDaniel Okeefe
John LasseterBrad LewisDenise ReamMark NielsenDan FogelmanBen QueenStephen SchafferMichael Giacchino
You Might ThinkCollision of WorldsMon Cœur Fait VroumNobody's FoolPolyrhythm
Cars 3
Lightning McQueenCruz RamirezJackson StormDoc HudsonSally CarreraTow MaterLuigiGuidoMackFillmoreSargeSheriffRamoneFloLizzieRedTex DinocoSterlingRusty Rust-ezeDusty Rust-ezeSmokeyHamiltonLouise NashRiver ScottJunior MoonCal WeathersBobby SwiftMiss FritterArvy MotorhomeDr. DamageTacoJimboT-BoneAPBBlindspotPushoverTailgateCigalertFishtailBroadsidePattyBillPileupHigh ImpactFaregameAirboneSuperflyJambalayaLiabilityHit and RunToddRoscoeMr. DrippyDarrell CartripBob CutlassNatalie CertainChick HicksShannon SpokesAlbert HinkeyBrick YardleyPhil TanksonChip GearingsReb MeekerMurray ClutchburnPonchy WipeoutBuck BearinglyTodd MarcusRev-N-Go RacerTommy HighbanksDud ThrottlemanRex RevlerRalph CarlowJack DePostTerry KargasBrian SparkFloyd MulvihillParker BrakestonT.G. CastlenutDarren LeadfootErnie GearsonDirkson D'AgostinoJimmy CablesLane LockeDaniel SwervezRyan LaneyBubba WheelhouseChase RacelottTim TreadlessRich MixonCam SpinnerH.J. HollisEd TruncanHerb CurblerKurtRonaldGabrielJet RobinsonTrick GuzzlerStrip WeathersTractorsMaddy McGearPat TraxsonMorgan MartinsTiny LugsworthStu ScattershieldsHerb CurblerSweet TeaKris RevstopskiMillieRay ReverhamJeff GorvetteGale BeaufortHaulena FechoBobby Swift's HaulerCraig Fäster
Owen WilsonCristela AlonzoArmie HammerLarry the Cable GuyBonnie HuntPaul DooleyCheech MarinRichard PettyKyle PettyChase ElliottDaniel SuárezRyan BlaneyDarrell Wallace Jr.Shannon SpakeRay EvernhamMike JoyJeff GordonDarrell WaltripKerry WashingtonNathan FillionLea DeLariaChris CooperMargo MartindaleIsiah Whitlock Jr.Junior JohnsonH. A. WheelerLewis Hamilton
Brian FeeKevin ReherDaniel GersonRandy NewmanJohn LasseterBen QueenKevin ReherKiel MurrayBob PetersonAaron ConoverMichael Fong
Cars 3: Driven to Win
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Lightning McQueenCruz RamirezTow MaterSally CarreraRamoneGuidoMater the GreaterBobby SwiftBrick YardleyChick HicksNatalie CertainArvyDr. DamageMiss FritterCam SpinnerRich MixonJackson StormJunior MoonLouise NashRiver ScottSmokeyMackLuigiSheriffFillmoreFloSargeTractorsSiddeleyBillFrankWinnieUcchiHigh ImpactBillBroadsideAirborneDarrell CartripDoc Hudson
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